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SHAKSPER Hiatus (42)
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 16. Tuesday, 7 Aug 1990.
Date:         Tue, 07 Aug 90 21:34:44 EDT
From:         Ken Steele <
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Subject:      SHAKSPER Hiatus
     This weekend (a long holiday weekend in Canada) saw a
four-day hiatus in SHAKSPER mailings.  This was not entirely the
editor's fault; no submissions were sent either.
     I am not aiming to cultivate such lacunae, but
unfortunately next week will see a still longer break as powers
beyond my control draw me to a week-long series of
Shakespearean plays and seminars in Stratford, Ontario.
Technological solutions to conquer the geographical distance are
available, but prohibitively expensive at the current time.
     From August 12th until August 19th, then, SHAKSPER will
be somewhat more quiet than usual -- but thereafter rest assured
that there will be no major interruptions, and with September
should come new members and new energy.
     I make this announcement in advance, not to stifle
discussion all this week, but to encourage it in the face of a
temporary deadline.  In looking over the SHAKSPER biographies,
I see many members with a strong interest in pedagogy --
perhaps someone would like to pick up the gauntlet I (perhaps
rather ineffectually) threw down last week.  Many other
fascinating threads have also been left hanging -- please try to
pick up one which interests you.  And feel free to send
submissions even while I am away -- they will be distributed as
soon as I return.
                                  Ken Steele
                                  University of Toronto

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