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SHAKSPER Member Biographies Update (23)
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 23. Monday, 20 Aug 1990.
Date:         Mon, 20 Aug 90 19:26:00 EDT
From:         Ken Steele <
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Subject:      First SHAKSPER Biography File Complete
The file SHAKSPER BIOGRAFY, now available on the SHAKSPER Fileserver, is
the finalized version of the first biography file.  (The biographies have
reached over 1200 lines, a formidable filesize).  Hereafter, additional
member biographies will be added to subsidiary files, and this initial
file will not be altered further.  I have edited it to 65-character
margins, so that it should now be readable on most machines.  To get
the latest version of the executable program file, the biography file,
and information files, simply issue the command "GET BIOGRAFY PACKAGE
SHAKSPER" as outlined in the SHAKSPER GUIDE.

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