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Image Clusters and Allusions (50)
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 55. Wednesday, 12 Sep 1990.
(1)   Date:   Wed, 12 Sep 90 09:28:00 EDT                    (22 lines)
      Subject: Re Image Clusters, Allusions
(2)   Date: 12 September 1990, 10:39:36 EDT                  (11 lines)
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Date:   Wed, 12 Sep 90 09:28:00 EDT
Subject: Re Image Clusters, Allusions
As a literary reader, re-reader, of Sh. and Sh'n. criticism, I would
think the associational network of the human brain has already done the
work that such a program would accomplish. Even Spurgeon's pioneering
study did more to confirm readers' intuitions than to unearth the un-
If the work were not identification of clusters or allusions but instead
an experiment to ascertain the limits and characteristics of the semantic
and syntactic fields within which such identifications can be made, by
machine and by human readers, the program might be very useful in a
study of reader psychology.
Howell Chickering
English Department
Amherst College
Amherst, MA 01002
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Date: 12 September 1990, 10:39:36 EDT
Yes, Tom, there are critics out there still interested in
image-clusters, as proof of authorship, as indicators of author's
principal concerns (or obsessions or nightmares, as with toads and
cisterns and other beasts and sex in *Hamlet* or *Othello*) or as
indicators of cultural or historical contexts.  Image-clusters might
also help in establishing allusions or in prosody, as with the
relationships between tenor and vehicle in similes.  So please carry on.
Roy Flannagan

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