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Florizel's Dress
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 137. Thursday, 13 Dec 1990.
Date:         Thu, 13 Dec 90 12:51:45 CST
From:         "Me (Beth Christopher)" <C464497@UMCVMB>
Subject:      Florizel's Dress in _The Winter's Tale_
We were discussing in my Shakespeare class _The Winter's Tale_ and we
noticed that in Act 4, Scene 4 there is some confusion as to what Florizel
is wearing.  It the begining of the act he is disguised as a shepherd, but
later, after he has exchanged clothes with Autolycus, everyone's favorite
pick-pocket, Autolycus describes the clothes as those of a courtier.  I
could not find any other reference to "changing" clothes except where the
King "Discovers himself".  Is Autolycus playing up the simple clothes
that Florizel was wearing as a shepherd, when he says "I am a courtier,
Seest thou not the air of the court in these enfoldings?"(4.4.730-1), or
has Florizel changed clothes somewhere?  I have not seen this done on
stage; are there different ways of doing it?  Any help would be greatly
thanked.  Not to mention that I would look good in class knowing the
answer :)
Beth Christopher

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