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Shakespeare Database on Internet
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 35. Friday, 1 Feb 1991.
Date:     Fri,  1 Feb 91 14:33 EST
From:     Ann Miller <FAC_AMILLER@JMUVAX1>
Subject:  Electronic texts
There is a way of accessing an edition of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets
without purchasing discs, though one doesn't receive the word crunching
One can access library online catalogs via Internet and some of these
mainframes have databases other than the catalog loaded onto them.
its mainframe.  These are taken from Arthur Bullen's Stratford Town Edition.
I'm not familiar with that edition and know nothing of its quality.
However, the files are searchable using a variety of commands and from
a variety of access points.  I have used it to search for location and
frequency of words for students and have found it helpful.  Best of all
it is "free", all you need is Internet access.
The Internet address for the Dartmouth library computer is
One would type TELNET LIB.DARTMOUTH.EDU.  This pops you into the catalog.  You
SELECT FILES and the SHAKESPEARE PLAYS to get into the specific file.  There
is a long help menu you can request to get started.  With the proper software
one could download a fair amount of needed text and then manipulate it on
your own PC.
Oh, to get out of the catalog type BYE.  You are then returned to your own
mainframe (or host).
Good luck!
Ann Miller
James Madison University

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