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Address Correction Information Requested
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 96. Thursday, 4 Apr 1991.
Date:         Thu, 04 Apr 91 13:16:00 EST
From:         Ken Steele <
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Subject:      Address Correction Information Requested
Well, yesterday's "calm warning" didn't tell the whole
story, I confess.  It now appears evident that the
Bitnet/Internet (CMS/UNIX) shift will require some
adjustments in the SHAKSPER membership list.
Apparently, Bitnet-specific electronic addresses (the short
form, "user@machine") will not function reliably from my new
address.  In order to contact you directly, I will require
your full, Internet addresses (usually taking the form,
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 " or "").
If your name and/or address appears on the following list,
I do NOT have an Internet equivalent for your address.
Please send it to me at either <SHAKSPER@utoronto.bitnet> or
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 > as soon as possible.  Your local
computing services staff should be able to answer any
R1AMF@AKRONVM                     Antonia Forster
R1NR@AKRONVM                      Nicholas Ranson
FFJL@ALASKA                       Janis Lull
CCRUPI@ALBION                     Charles Crupi
HDCHICKERING@AMHERST              Howell D. Chickering
ATJXB@ASUACAD                     Jean R. Brink
CALIFFMA@BAYLOR                   Mary Elaine Califf
PHLCSW@BYUVM                      Camille S. Williams
JWHITE@CMSUVMB                    D. Jerry White
WRIGHTS@CUA                       Stephen Wright
MCCARTHY@CUAVAXA                  William J. McCarthy
SURCC@CUNYVM                      Steven Urkowitz
BRAITH@FRPERP51                   Keith Braithwaite
ELIASON@GACVAX1                   Eric Eliason
RASTLEY@GALLUA                    Russell Astley
DORENKAMP@HLYCROSS                John H. Dorenkamp
HWHALL@HLYCROSS                   Helen Whall
COX@HOPE                          John D. Cox
S1.JFE@ISUMVS                     John F. Eveland
ZAROBILA@JCUVAX                   Charles Zarobila
KY9812@JPNSUT20                   Akio Tanaka
JONGSOOK@KRSNUCC1                 Jongsook Lee
NOVELLI@LEMOYNE                   Cornelius Novelli
CORBETT@LTUVAX                    Deirdre M. Corbett
HAMMOND@MCMASTER                  Antony Hammond
MOYLEK@MCMASTER                   Kenneth C. Moyle
A10PRR1@NIU                       Philip Rider
TB0WPW1@NIU                       William Proctor Williams
FLANNAGA@OUACCVMB                 Roy Flannagan
PJP23@PITTVMS                     Paul J. Pival
RABRAMS@PORTLAND                  Rick Abrams
BCJ@PSUVM                         Kevin Berland
SBYATES@PUCC                      Stan Yates
GA0708@SIUCVMB                    Herbert S. Donow
IRMSS908@SIVM                     Mark Lee
SHAKESPR@SMITH                    SHAKSPEReans at Smith
NMILLER@TRINCC                    Norman Miller
JMORRIS@UALTAVM                   John Morris
USERKAY@UBCMTSG                   Kay Stockholder
USERSTAP@UBCMTSG                  Paul G. Stanwood
HASENFRA@UCONNVM                  Bob Hasenfratz
JACOBUS@UCONNVM                   Lee A. Jacobus
MWE@UKACRL                        Mike Ellwood
BEDEN@UKANVM                      Brad Eden
DBBILL01@ULKYVM                   Dale B. Billingsley
C464497@UMCVMB                    Beth Christopher

 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
                     James A. Reither
JOEP@UNC                          Joe Pellegrino
ENG003@UNOMA1                     Judith E. Boss
FAC0287@UOFT01                    Paul Fritz
HPALMER@UOTTAWA                   Heidi Palmer
MAINT@UQAM                        Peter Jones
MICKEY@UTDALLAS                   Mickey Rogers
HAG@UVMVM                         Hope Greenberg
DLG8X@VIRGINIA                    David L. Gants
KKM7M@VIRGINIA                    Karen Kates Marshall
CHESHIRE@VTVM1                    Linda Anderson
CARTERJJ@WHITMAN                  James J. Carter
ZAREK@WILLIAMA                    Grace Zarek
SCHLAWD@YALEVM                    Lawrence Schimel
If you have just sent me an Internet address, please disregard this
notice.  If you wish to continue to access the SHAKSPER Fileserver
using the Bitnet "Tell" command, please advise me; otherwise you will
begin receiving SHAKSPER mail under the Internet address almost
immediately, and your access via the "tell" command will end.
If your name does not appear on this list, then either your address
was always an Internet address, or I have corrected it based upon
available information.  If your computing staff does not know of
an Internet equivalent for your address, don't panic; you will
continue to receive SHAKSPER mailings, but may have difficulty
communicating directly with me.
Thanks, again, for your patience and assistance.
                                            Ken Steele
                                            University of Toronto

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