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New York *Othello* Query
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 103. Tuesday, 16 Apr 1991.
Date:         Thu, 11 Apr 91 21:49:29 EDT
From:         [Lorin Wertheimer] <ST702266@BROWNVM>
Subject:      Performance of Othello
[My sincere apologies for the delay in posting this note, but this is
the first message to be processed directly from my new UNIX account.
Hopefully all later notes will go more smoothly and quickly. KS]
I am sorry I am stuck in the smallest state in the union this weekend, for I
would love to see a good production of *Othello*, Steve.  Since I can't be
there, could you go over it with me?  Is there any overriding "concept" or
more concretely if you directed it (did you?) then how did you inform the
twentieth-century college actors and connect them to a seventeenth-century
English text?
Any interesting stories?  If you did not direct it, could you give an impartial
review?  I would be much obliged.

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