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Sumptuary Laws (Cont'd)
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 113. Monday, 22 Apr 1991.
	[In the event that other SHAKSPEReans have become
	intrigued by the question of sumptuary laws, I reproduce
	here messages from today's CHAUCERNet mailings on the
	subject.  My apologies, again, for any duplication.  k.s.]
(1)	Date: 	Sat, 20 Apr 91 21:07:51 MDT
	From: 	Stephen R. Reimer <SREIMER@UALTAVM.BITNET>
	Subj: 	[Sumptuary Laws]
(2)	Date: 	22 Apr 91 10:08:12 EST
	From: 	Dr. Ruth Mazo Karras <RKARRAS@PENNSAS.BITNET>
	Subj: 	ChaucerNet - Sumptuary Laws
(1) --------------------------------------------------------------------
Date: 		Sat, 20 Apr 91 21:07:51 MDT
From: 		Stephen R. Reimer <SREIMER@UALTAVM.BITNET>
Subject: 	[Sumptuary Laws]
In response to Joseph Monda's query the other day about sumptuary laws,
I can recommend the following:
Baldwin, Frances Elizabeth.  _Sumptuary Legislation and Personal Regulation in
     England_.  Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political
     Science, Series 44 no. 1.  Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1926.
The first chapter is on the statutes of Edward III and Richard II (1337, 1355,
1363, 1388).  The later chapters of the book cover the Tudor period down to
and including Elizabeth.  Baldwin does say that there is little evidence to
indicate that these laws were enforced; on the other hand, she also points out
that there is little evidence that ANY laws were enforced in the Middle Ages
(the reach of the king's arm was not all that long).
A graduate student here working on clothing in Shakespeare tells me that
there are also useful references for the later medieval period in
Hughes and Larkin, _Tudor Royal Proclamations_.
   Stephen Reimer                  
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
   University of Alberta           sreimer@ualtavm.bitnet
(2) --------------------------------------------------------------------
Date: 		22 Apr 91 10:08:12 EST
From: 		Dr. Ruth Mazo Karras <RKARRAS@PENNSAS.BITNET>
Subject: 	ChaucerNet - Sumptuary Laws
Jim Brundage also has an article on sumptuary laws:  Journal of Medieval
History, 13 (1987), 343-55.  Its title is "Sumptuary Laws and Prostitution
in Late Medieval Italy," but it contains a good deal of information beyond
Italy and prostitutes.  There also exists, I believe, an article on
sumptuary laws in late medieval England, which I remember seeing some years
ago and have been trying to track down for a long time; if anyone knows of
it I'd be very interested.

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