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*MV* & Censorship; Outdoor Shakespeares
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 186. Sunday, 14 Jul 1991.
(1)	Date: 	Mon, 8 Jul 1991 12:49:00 -0400
	From: 	Ken Moyle <MOYLEK@MCMASTER>
	Subj:	Shakespeare in High Park (Toronto)
(2)	Date: 	Mon, 8 Jul 1991 14:45:31 -0400
	From: 	Larry Schwartz <fzkr1001@smuvm1.bitnet>
	Subj: 	[*MV* & Censorship]
Date: 		Mon, 8 Jul 1991 12:49:00 -0400
From: 		Ken Moyle <MOYLEK@MCMASTER>
Subject: 	Shakespeare in High Park (Toronto)
        What do locals (ie. those from Southern Ontario in and about
T.O.) know about the free outdoor Shakespeare productions put on at
High Park?  Even if the plays come off only half-assed, it might be
worth an summer evening picnicing in a park, no?
	[So far as I know, "The Dream in High Park" began playing
	*AYLI* on or about July 4th this year.  I have seen their outdoor
	*CE*, and the outdoor *Tempest* at Earl Bales Park, but have
	not had the chance to see this year's production.  Anyone else
	who has? -- k.s. ]
Date: 		Mon, 8 Jul 1991 14:45:31 -0400
From: 		Larry Schwartz <fzkr1001@smuvm1.bitnet>
Subject:      	[*MV* & Censorship]
Ken, I just wanted to alert you to an article in a library-land journal,
_Reference Services Review_ (Fall 1991, pp.55-69) entitled "Case
Studies in Censorship:  Censoring _The Merchant of Venice_" by
Richard A. Gray, senior editor at Pierian Press.  The article is in 3
parts:  A History of Twentieth-Century Censorship; Annotated
Bibliography; and Interpretation.  The final part considers the
questions, "1) does the play defame Jews, as charged? 2) Does the
play have a theme that transcends the issue of anti- and philo-
Semitism? 3) Assuming that the charge of defamation is valid, is it
then justifiable to suppress the play?"
It's an interesting article, I think, and approaches WS from yet another
angle.  I'd be interested in the opinions of the other SHAKSPEReans.
yours, &c
larry schwartz, theatre/film librarian, southern meth u, dallas, texas

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