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Q: Important Shakespearean Criticism?
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 297. Monday, 11 Nov 1991.
Date: 		Sat, 9 Nov 1991 15:35:00 -0500
From: 		Jay Rush <rush@unoma1.bitnet>
Subject:  	Query: Critical Info Needed
 I am presently enrolled in a seminar focusing on Chaucer's
 Troilus and Criseyde both historically and critically.
 Each week we look at either a source for Chaucer's tale
 or a reception and then evaluate twentieth century crticism
 that has shaped the world of medieval studies and Chaucer
 particularly:  Robertson, Donaldson, Muscatine, Jousse, Allen,
 Spearing, and Dinshaw.  Our last meeting focused on Lee
 Patterson's overview of the Chaucer critical canon.  What I
 would like to discover and delve into is a similar critical
 approach to Shakespeare; critical sources which are fundamental
 in defining Shakespeare criticism.  If any or all of you have
 relied on or utilized a particular critical "giant" for your
 study and work, I would appreciate any information upon such
                                           Thanx, Jay Rush.
	[Ed. Note: I don't wish to discourage members from replying to
	this query, but would like to mention that a discussion of
	"Classic Criticism" took place on SHAKSPER in September 1990,
	and can be followed in digests 1.0057 - 1.0059.  We certainly
	didn't cover all the ground there is, but some interesting
	observations and recommendations were made.
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