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Corrections to Oxford Text Archive Texts
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 309. Wednesday, 26 Nov 1991.
From: 		Ken Steele <
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Subject: 	Corrections to OTA Texts
Date: 		Tue, 26 Nov 91 22:43:49 EST
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
I've just completed a time-consuming proofreading of the Q1 and F1
texts of *Love's Labour's Lost* received from the Oxford Text Archive,
and thought that others might benefit from my hard work if I posted
the resulting corrigenda.  Below is a summary of my findings in the Q1
text, and information for obtaining the complete listing from the
SHAKSPER Fileserver.
Even if you're not particularly interested in LLL, the results
indicate the sorts of problems one might find in other OTA Shakespeare
texts.  I will be posting the F1 corrigenda as soon as possible, also.
If others have compiled similar listings for other plays, please
contact me about posting them to the Fileserver also.
					Ken Steele
					University of Toronto
Corrigenda for the Oxford Text Archive
Q1 *Love's Labour's Lost*
Compiled by Kenneth B. Steele
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It seems a reasonable assumption that users of the OTA quarto and folio
texts of Shakespeare want access to the quarto and folio texts, free of
both accidental errors and the sophistication of modern editorial
emendations.  The OTA texts are NOT free of such errors and
"corrections," however, as careful comparison of the Q1 LLL text with
a facsimile has revealed more than 150 errors.
This file attempts to list all corrections required to bring the Oxford
Text Archive text of Q1 *Love's Labour's Lost* into conformity with the
facsimile of the Bridgewater copy which appears in Michael J.B. Allen &
Kenneth Muir, eds. *Shakespeare's Plays in Quarto* (Los Angeles: U of
California P, 1981).  It also considers readings and stop-press
corrections listed in the appendix to that volume, the Oxford Textual
Companion, and bibliographical articles by Paul Werstine and George
Admittedly any facsimile is not as good a source as an original,
particularly in questions of punctuation, but making the following
corrections will at least improve the reliability of the OTA text (I
have tried to limit myself to certainties where punctuation is
concerned, and have remained silent where punctuation appears ambiguous
in the facsimile).  I am no less fallible than T.H. Howard-Hill, the
originator of the OTA F1 text, and I invite corrections or
qualifications to this listing at <
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 >.  This file
is available as OTALLLQ1 CORRECTN SHAKSPER on the SHAKSPER Fileserver.
						November 1991.
The OTA text omits the Q1 title page entirely, the running
titles, catchwords, the final "FINIS", and any mention of the 5
ornaments included in the quarto.  In its most serious error, it
omits an entire line of the play, and replaces it with a garbled
version of an adjacent line instead (lines 1921-1922).  Almost
as damaging, 6 speech prefix tags are erroneous: four prefixes
for Clowne are mis-tagged at lines 240-2, "Berowne" at line 520
is not a prefix at all, and neither is "Juno" at line 1356.
There are 3 cases of mistaken capitalization, 21 certain
misreadings of punctuation, 19 omissions of punctuation at
turned-over or -under lines, 6 erroneous insertions of spaces
(and four erroneous omissions of spaces -- at lines 1652 and
1684), and one case in which a roman line is erroneously tagged
as italic (line 1662).  The text also inserts erroneous spaces
after every mid-line hyphen. (Evidently hardware limitations
also prevented the OTA text from recording the many uses of "vv"
in the play, the five uses of the <ae> ligature, and the one
occurrence of a circumflex o, as well as the long s and other
obsolete typographical features.)
More serious than these errors and oversights are a great many
editorial sophistications, deliberate attempts at "correcting"
the quarto text.  The OTA text silently "corrects" 15 turned
letters (such as u for n, or p for d), and expands 13
abbreviations so that the quarto readings appears in square
brackets while the emendation enjoys pride of place in the text
itself (eg. "[M.]Maister").  In emending what appear to be "foul
case" errors, the OTA text eliminates any trace of the original
quarto readings: "Contempls" (193), "Gfficer" (249),
"faiendship" (595), "Necligent" (753), "Odo" (1336), "{Poda.}"
(1676), "{Rasaline}" (1794), "Siccamone" (1858), "cennot"
(2004), "perhapt" (2066), "Flder" (2408), "Eeter" (2434), and
"rherefore" (2595) are all replaced by fairly obvious editorial
Still worse are editorial emendations of other sorts of error:
the OTA text silently supplies "three" for "thee" (27, based on
F1), "pompe" for "pome" (34, based on F1), "simplicitie" for
"sinplicitie" (216, based on F1), "welkins" for "welkis" (217,
no macron), "worst" for "wost" (260), "{Clo.}" for "{Col.}"
(274), "prosperitie" for "prosperie" (287), "affliccion$" for
"affliccio" (287, no macron), "Consider" for "Cosider" (455, no
macron), "peerelesse" for "peerelsse" (498), "speciall" for
"spciall" (617), "argument" for "argumet" (822, no macron),
"ounce" for "ouce" (849, no macron), "remuneration" for
"remuration" (852), "Mistres" for "Mistrs" (968), "ouercame" for
"couercame" (991), "indiscreet" for "indistreell" (at line 1103,
based on the F1 correction), "ydolatarie" for "ydotarie" (1309,
based on F1), "womans" for "womas" (1558, no macron),
"standards" for "standars" (1613), "forsworne" for "forsorne"
(1631), "secrecie" for "secretie" (1725), "they" for "thy"
(1865), "strangers" for "stranges" (1947), "measure" for
"measue" (1999), "speaches" for "spaches" (2132), "With" for
"Wtih" (2167), "intitled" for "intiled" (2616), and "wit" for
"wi" (2651).
Stranger still are the unmotivated spelling changes which can
only be attributed to MODERN typographical error: the OTA text
reports "little" for "litle" (434), "plaine" for "pline" (792),
"Critick" for "Crietick" (887), "Hermite" for "Hermight" (1486),
"reioiceth" for "reioyceth" (1685), "{Page.}" for "{Pag.}" (1935),
"Looke" for "Loke" (2037), "hermite" for "herrite" (2620), and
"Approach" for "Approch" (2697).  "Flash" is almost certainly a
modern misreading of Q1's "slash" (2497).
In summary, then, the OTA Q1 LLL text is an edited transcript of
the quarto, rather than a diplomatic or quasi-facsimile
transcript.  It makes deliberate sophistications, inadvertent
errors, and careless oversights which should be corrected before
the text can be relied upon.
No attempt is made in this listing to correct errors of spacing
or indentation, except where actual words are affected.
Likewise, it has not been thought feasible to note all the cases
in which a single italic letter or punctuation mark
(particularly "?") has been used in a roman context.  I have
included notes about stop-press corrections in Q1, in case
anyone else wants to tag these somehow in the text.  In the
following listing, everything within the quotation marks,
including capitalization and punctuation, is precisely intended,
and the punctuation and capitalization of my own "sentences" has
been sacrificed for accuracy.
	[Complete line-by-line listing follows.]
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