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*Tempest* Paper on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 22. Saturday, 25 Jan 1992.
Date:		Saturday January 25, 1992
From:		Ken Steele <
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Subject:	*The Tempest* Paper on the Fileserver
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
[Yet another new addition to the SHAKSPER Fileserver this week -- a
paper by Ben Ross Schneider, Jr., entitled "Pseudo-Tempests,
Counter-Tempests, and The Tempest."  It's available in the Scholarly
Papers section of the SHAKSPER Fileserver as SCHNEIDR TEMPEST SHAKSPER.
Here is the opening paragraph... -- k.s.]
     Each age creates the version of Shakespeare that suits it best:
we have had a neo-classical Shakespeare and a romantic one.  The
twentieth century has brought us an aesthetic Shakespeare, and, as it
draws to a close, it brings a political Shakespeare.  These last two
schools of interpretation are at opposite poles theoretically.  The
aesthetic school assumes an objective text, something out there, an
artifact.  The political school recognizes no single text; each reader
creates his own text in the act of reading.  This premise rules out
aesthetic criticism, for beauty can reside only in an object.  The
aesthetic critic must be able to describe the way in which the parts
of the object are organized into a whole.  Organization is beauty.
And if it is whole, it is one, and its meaning is one.  But political
critics cannot allow unity, for there must be many ways to read a text
if the political way is to be one of them.
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