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Qs: Sh. & Myth; Ophelia's Madness; Encoding Sonnets
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 52. Monday, 9 Mar 1992.
(1)	Date: 	Wed, 4 Mar 1992 13:42:00 -0500
	From: 	Grace Zarek <zarek@williama.bitnet>
	Subj: 	Shakespeare and mythology
(2)	Date: 	Fri, 6 Mar 1992 20:49:56 -0500
	From: 	Stefanie Parent <t400007@univscvm.bitnet>
	Subj:   Ophelia's Madness; Encoding the Sonnets
Date: 		Wed, 4 Mar 1992 13:42:00 -0500
From: 		Grace Zarek <zarek@williama.bitnet>
Subject: 	Shakespeare and mythology
Does anyone have any favorite texts or other printed matter relating to
Shakespeare and mythology references?  My daughter is doing a term paper on the
subject and is so far looking at Midsummer and _Romeo & Juliet_ although I'm
sure she'll add more plays to this list.  The library has about a thousand
listings each for Shakespeare and mythology so it will take a while to go
through all the listings.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
                                        Grace Zarek
Date: 		Fri, 6 Mar 1992 20:49:56 -0500
From: 		Stefanie Parent <t400007@univscvm.bitnet>
Subject:      	Ophelia's Madness; Encoding the Sonnets
This Friday (March 13) I will be presenting a paper entitled "The politics of
Ophelia's madness; Or, a method to her madness."  Soon thereafter, I intend to
send it in for publication.  A few questions:  Which journals would be
interested in a feminist paper on *Hamlet*, and does anyone know of articles
or essays that deal with Ophelia's madness (!not! primarily related to
Hamlet's actions or Polonius' death)?  The reason I'm asking is to see if
anyone has seen something I may have missed in my research.  I checked in
PSYClit, MLA, ABELL & Dissertation Abstracts.  I will appreciate any comments.
As to the sonnets and the indication of italics, I think that the <it> breaks
the sequence of words on the screen and interrupts reading.  The use of quotes
would be much better.
			         Stefanie Parent

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