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Cheap Advice
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 3, No. 208.  Tuesday, 1 September 1992.
From: 		Larry Schwartz <FZKR1001@SMUVM1>
Date: 		Tuesday, September 1, 1992, 17:01:17 CST
Subject: 	Cheap Advice
dear shaksperians:  i am paralyzed by (1) ignorance and (2) indecision,
and request your help.
1)  one of the theatre profs here at smu wants a copy of the first folio
    put on reserve for her classes.  is there a facsimile reprint of the
    ff currently in print?  (according to my copy of "books in print,"
    the answer is "no," and i'm not about to use MY personal copy of the
    hinman/norton facsimile).  should she be satisfied with the oxford
    original spelling edition?
2)  i'd like to order one more complete set of the individual plays, and i'd
    like to keep it inexpensive (the main library on campus already has the
    newer OUP individual hardbound set).  is there any reason why i should NOT
    be happy with the signet classic set?
please reply to me soon, and to me rather than the list.  thanks for your time
and patience.
larry schwartz, theatre/film/dance librarian
hamon arts library, southern meth u, dallas, texas
bitnet:  fzkr1001@smuvm1     internet:  
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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