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Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 316.  Saturday, 22 May 1993.
From:           Constance Relihan <
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Date:           Thursday, 20 May 1993 07:44 CST
Subject: 4.0308  Editor's Query: SHAKSPER's Uses
Comment:        Re: SHK 4.0308  Editor's Query: SHAKSPER's Uses
I'm eager to respond to your inquiry about how we use SHAKSPER because, as a
relatively quiet member of the group, it might be suspected that I don't make
much use of the network at all. This is far from true. Most recently, our
discussions of antisemitism in _Merchant_ and of Lady Montague's death played a
fairly large role in my senior-level Shakespeare course. Students charged with
leading a classroom discussion on _R&J_, for instance, came to see me to try to
find out why Lady Montague's death is reported in Act 5. I copied for them the
exchanges on SHAKSPER about that issue, which they took home, read, pondered,
and digested for the class. (We didn't reach a consensus, by the way, but the
students were invigorated by knowing just how much debate about Shakespeare
exists in the scholarly community and by realizing how alive these plays are
for so many of us.) The antisemitism exchanges were used in a similar way
during our discussion of _Merchant_.

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