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Tybalt and the Nurse; Romeo's "niece" Rosaline
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 242.  Sunday, 18 April 1993.
From:           Roy Flannagan <FLANNAGA@OUACCVMB.bitnet>
Date:           Satuarday, 17 April 93, 11:04:26 EST
Subject:        Tybalt and the Nurse; Romeo's "niece" Rosaline
When Tybalt's death is announced, the Nurse bemoans him as "the best friend
I had."  Is there any reason given in any of the early versions of the
play for their being more than associates?
In the guest list for the Capulet party, which Romeo reads aloud in 1.2,
is "my fair niece Rosaline."  Is that *his* Rosaline?  If so, what is
she doing on the Capulet guest list, and why is she mentioned here only
as his "niece"?  What is he doing courting his niece, if indeed that is
the word and not "niesse" as used elsewhere in the play?  My students
and I are confused.
Roy Flannagan

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