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Sadler and Others
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 4, No. 253.  Thursday, 22 April 1993.
From:           John Mucci <
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Date:           Thursday, 22 Apr 93 19:29:00 UT
Subject:        Sadler & more names
Tad Davis has a memory much better than my own; indeed the
interlineation in the will mentioning  Master Sadler is spelled
"Hamlett." I am still not sure about the "interchangeability" of
the letters, but certainly there is a great deal of confusion
amongst authors concerning which time it was spelled which way.
It is interesting to note, though I suppose at one's peril, the
relationship between Hamnett and Judith Sadler, and Hamnet and
Judith Shakspeare, which is a natural fit for amicable neighbors.
But what else can be made of it? I would like to hear what others
think of these 3 Hamlets (Sadler, Shakspeare, & Prince of Denmark)
and their relation.
Continuing on, there also rare newly-discovered items that both
_Bardolph_ and _Suellen_ were names found in 1590's Stratford
(according to Rebecca Flynn of the Birthplace Trust)--are they
coincidences, being commoner names to use in a fictional play
than we would dare to think now, or were they used by the
dramatist to honor other acquaintances?
Furthermore, on the item I helped to discover (or re-discover) in
the British Library last year, what are we to make of the list of
invitees to the banquet which instated the King of Denmark to the
Order of the Garter, in which two Rosenkrantzes and a
Guildenstern were present?
John Mucci

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