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Re: "Young" Prospero
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 5, No. 0851. Wednesday, 26 October 1994.
From:           James J. Hill, Jr. <E7E4JJH@TOWSONVX.BITNET>
Date:           Tuesday, 25 Oct 1994 10:15:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: *Tmp.* Production
Comment:        SHK 5.0834 *Tmp.* Production
[Re: Kimberly Nolan's mention of the Center Stage production of *Tmp.*]
Prospero was played by Byron Jennings who earlier had been John Worthing in
*The Importance of Being Earnest*;  his Prospero was "youngish" but old enough
to have a marriageable daughter.  His "youth" gave vigor and danger to his
anger.  Still I remember him as a man--not as a young man: he was not an "old"
man.  Age of Prospero should not be a problem in a production of the play:  the
director has limited choices--e.g. "boy," "man," or "old man."  Choice then
directs tone/movement of the play: "man" seems to be the most reasonable choice
[unless director wants to have Prospero read his books again!  NOT!].
Shakespeare's Prospero does appear to take an early retirement: "...retire me
to my Milan, where/ Every third thought shall be my grave."  Regards. Jim Hill.

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