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SHAKSPER Advisory Board
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 7, No. 0320.  Friday, 26 April 1996.

From:           Hardy M. Cook <
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Date:           Friday, April 26, 1996
Subject:        SHAKSPER Advisory Board

I have been slow in making any changes in the manner in which SHAKSPER
operates, but circumstances are such that I now feel a change is in order.

I have encouraged diversity and inclusiveness; nevertheless, SHAKSPER was
founded as an "academic" conference and I still view it as such. Our current
membership of 1250 includes many Shakespearean textual scholars and
bibliographers, editors and critics, but it also includes professors and high
school teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, actors, poets,
playwrights, theatre professionals, librarians, computer scientists, and
interested bystanders. The variety of SHAKSPEReans has led to wide-ranging
discussion, but many have lamented the recent infrequency of the engaging
scholarly exchange that SHAKSPER was intended to cultivate.

I want SHAKSPER principally to be a forum for serious academic discussion
(especially since electronic alternatives exist) and to that end I intend to
establish a SHAKSPER Advisory Board.  This board will be composed of from four
to six Shakespearean scholars from within its membership.

The purpose of the SHAKSPER Advisory Board will be to advise the editor

        1)  On matters of policy affecting the entire conference,
        2)  On resolving complaints, and
        3)  On determining the appropriateness of certain posting.

A LISTSERV discussion group of its nature is different from a journal
(electronic or traditional) and peer-reviewed posting is not possible or
desirable; however, I do need advice from peers regarding issues that affect
the conference and particular posting that are questionable.

I will consider all responses to this posting as personal mail to me, and I
will entertain suggestions for members of the Advisory Board.  I will be going
away for the weekend and NOT taking a computer with me.  I hope to start making
invitations for membership on the Advisory Board by the middle of next week.

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