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Technical Problems
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, SHK 8.0182.  Monday, 10 February 1997.

From:           Hardy M. Cook <
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date:           Monday, February 10, 1997
Subject:        Technical Problems

Dear SHAKSPEReans:

In my attempt to fix one of my problems, I appear to have introduced another.

Everyone should have received SHK 8.0163  Re: Civility, Iago, Fonts, which was
mailed 2/1/97.

I made the change on 2/3/97.  The following digests should have been received
either on 2/3/97 or 2/4/97:
        SHK 8.0164  Re: Branagh's Hamlet; Iago; Helsingborg
        SHK 8.0165  Re: Minimal Civility; Difficult Texts
        SHK 8.0166  Qs: Parallel Scenes; Music from TN; Non Shakesperean Plays
        SHK 8.0167  Re: R3/St.Paul; Cordelia/Fool; Transcendence v. Historicism
        SHK 8.0168  Re: Branagh's *Hamlet*
        SHK 8.0169  Draft Texts on the Internet Shakespeare Editions

On 2/5/97, I mailed the following digests:
        SHK 8.0170  Re: Ideology
        SHK 8.0171  Qs: Jn. Film; Osric's Eggshell; Kline's Ham.; Brooks Lr.
        SHK 8.0172  Re: Cordelia and the Fool
        SHK 8.0173  Re: Parallel Scenes
        SHK 8.0174  Re: Civility; Elsinore; R3 and St. Paul
        SHK 8.0175  Fahrenheit Theatre Company's Romeo and Juliet

All of the above digests can be obtained by sending the command "GET SHAKSPER
LOG9702A" to 
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On Friday, 2/7/97, I mailed the following digests, which I will remail later
        SHK 8.0176  Milton Transcription Project
        SHK 8.0177  Re: Ideology (Various)
        SHK 8.0178  Various Announcements
        SHK 8.0179  Re: Parallel Scenes; Drab; Branagh's *Ham*; Osric's Hat
        SHK 8.0180  Q: RII Productions
        SHK 8.0181  Re: Scansion; Q: Blank Verse

The above digests contain all but one or two of the messages that I have
received from members during the first week of February -- All others
apparently have been lost as a result of the technical problem.

Wait until tommorrow; then if you send a submission, and do not see it in these
digests, please resend.

I am sorry for the problem and am looking for another solution.

Bear with me,
Hardy Cook

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