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Early Modern Studies Conference at Harvard
The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 8.0453.  Saturday, 12 April 1997.

From:           Ian Munro <
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Date:           Friday, 11 Apr 1997 20:46:41 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:        Early Modern Studies Conference at Harvard, April 26-27, 1997

Dear SHAKSPERians,

The following conference announcement may be of interest:

    Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27, 1997
        Boylston Auditorium
         Harvard University
    Free and Open to the Public

PARTICIPANTS INCLUDE: Elizabeth Bellamy, Tom Conley, Lynn Enterline,
Marjorie Garber, David Hillman, Ann Rosalind Jones, Jeffrey Masten,
Carla Mazzio, Ian Munro, Karen Newman, Katharine Park, Susan Phillips,
James R.  Siemon, Kathryn Schwarz, Peter Stallybrass, Valerie Traub,
Douglas Trevor, Nancy Vickers, Eric Wilson and Abby Zanger.



>  Morning Coffee                               8:45

I. INTRODUCTORY REMARKS                         9:15
Carla Mazzio, Douglas Trevor, and Eric Wilson

II. HISTORY AND THE FETISH                      9:45-10:45
Panel Chair: Jeffrey Masten (Harvard University)
"Fetishisms and Renaissances," Ann Rosalind Jones (Smith College)
                 and Peter Stallybrass (University of Pennsylvania)
"Abel Drugger's Sign," Eric Wilson (Harvard University)

III. CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION                    11:00-12:00
Panel Chair: Susan Phillips (Harvard University)
"Montaigne Among the Cannibals," Elizabeth Bellamy (University of New
"Cannibals in Ilium," David Hillman (Harvard University)
> Lunch Break                                   12:00-2:00

IV. RHETORICAL QUESTIONS                         2:00- 3:30
Panel Chair: Marjorie Garber (Harvard University)
"'The Interpretation of Dreams' c.1659," Jeffrey Masten (Harvard
"Ovid and the Erotics of Elizabethan Pedagogy," Lynn Enterline (Yale
"The Oral Stage," Carla Mazzio (Harvard University)

V. MIRRORING DESIRE                             3:45-4:45
Panel Chair: Katharine Park (Wellesley College)
"Identifying Lesbians," Valerie Traub (University of Michigan)
"Breaking the Mirror Stage," Kathryn Schwarz (Vanderbilt University)

Reception, Ticknor Lounge, Boylston Hall        5:00-6:00

 Morning Coffee                                 9:00

 VI. PLACES AND DISPLACEMENTS                   9:30-10:30
  Panel Chair: Abby Zanger (Harvard University)
> "Towards an Imaginary Topography," Karen Newman (Brown University)
> "The Graphic City," Tom Conley (Harvard University)
  "Dream of Fields," James R. Siemon (Boston University)
> VII. LEGACIES                                 11:15-12:15
> Panel Chair: Ian Munro (Harvard University)
  "Montaigne's Dead Letters," Douglas Trevor (Harvard University)
> "Second-Best Bed," Marjorie Garber (Harvard University)
> Concluding Remarks/Discussion                  12:30-1:30
> Nancy J. Vickers

This conference is sponsored by the Center for Literary and Cultural
Studies at Harvard University. For any program changes, visit the Web
Site on or after April 15th:

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