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Poor Yorick Videos
The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 8.0779.  Sunday, 20 July 1997.

From:           Tanya Gough <
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Date:           Saturday, 19 Jul 1997 09:12:48 -0400
Subject:        Poor Yorick Videos

I have been, as many of you expected, inundated with requests for
catalogs, and we're all scrambling now to respond to everyone as quickly
as possible.  Please bear with me.  I'm currently reformatting the
catalog into an ascii file in rich text format to send out as an
attachment.  Please let me know if your browser has any limitations or
if you require another version (Word 7.0, Wordperfect 6.0).

Many thanks to Mike Jensen for drawing my attention to the 1928
Barrymore Tempest, and to the fact that it is not based on Shakespeare,
as I had supposed.  My distributor assured me it was, and in the chaos
of getting set up (we are a new store, in our 14th week),  I failed to
investigate the title properly.   So much for university's Lesson Number
One carrying over into real life.  My most sincere apologies to you all
for getting you excited about nothing.

If it's any consolation, I do have the 1922 German Othello, with Emil

Thanks again to you all for your encouragement and for helping me to
validate my work.  We are primarily a contemporary music and art-house
video specialty store, but you have given me hope that this project,
which began as a hobby sideline to help me remain connected to my
academic past, has the potential to grow and contribute substantially to
the discipline which governs my heart.

Tanya Gough

Poor Yorick - CD & Video Emporium
89A Downie Street, Stratford, Ontario, Canada  N5A 1W8
voice: (519) 272-1999
fax: (519) 272-0979

 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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