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Re: First Folios
The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 10.1474  Monday 23 August 1999.

From:           Stanley Wells <
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Date:           Monday, 23 Aug 1999 17:13:45 +0100
Subject: 10.1451 Re: First Folios
Comment:        Re: SHK 10.1451 Re: First Folios

I feel that my good friend and admired colleague Terry Hawkes must have
been misunderstood.  The author of erudite, witty, beautifully crafted
and aesthetically pleasing essays which approach so closely to the
condition of scholarly fiction can surely not be suspected of using the
word pejoratively. If Hinman is vulnerable to criticism on
bibliographical grounds it is, I should have thought (Peter Blayney may
correct me), because he chose to use pages rather than formes as his
unit of reproduction. Choice of corrected formes - the printers' unit of
composition - would have produced the facsimile of a book that might, in
theory, have existed, whereas it is I suppose scarcely conceivable that
an early copy might have included none but corrected pages.  Still,
Hinman (known as Kadi - as Bullough rhymes with the first two syllables
of pullover, so Kadi rhymes with the first two of cardigan) is to my
mind one of the heroes of twentieth-century Shakespeare scholarship,
along, with, for example, Chambers, Greg, Schoenbaum, Sprague, and
Blayney (who no doubt will take us into the twenty-first century).

As for the critics - that is another parlour game.

Stanley Wells

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