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I Need Some Information About Plague
The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.1127  Wednesday, 31 May 2000.

From:           Wei-Chia Wu <
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Date:           Monday, 22 May 2000 21:40:28 +0800
Subject:        I Need Some Information About Plague

[One of the advantages of an edited and moderated list is that the
membership receives digests of messages in a consistent format; another
is that members do NOT receive private messages sent to the list by
mistake or questions from non-list members, requesting help on this or
that assignment. In the latter case, I forward these questions to Dale
Lyles, who graciously responds to them. On occasion, a message will
arrive from someone who is not a list member but who has a legitimate
request nevertheless. Such is the posting below. If anyone cares to
respond, please do so DIRECTLY to Wei-Chia Wu <
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please do not reply to the list. Thanks. -Hardy]

My name  is  Wei-Chia Wu, now I study in the Department of  English in
National Changhua  University of Education in Taiwan.

This semester I have chosen a course "Research Method", and my research
topic is "People's  attitude toward infected people in the sixteenth
century England." And I will emphasize on the three part:

1. how the  people(such as infected people's family and  friends) at
that time deal with the infected people and corpse.
2. government's policy and reaction.
3. different attitude from different classes

And my primary source is poem "A Litany in Time of Plague" by Thomas
Nashe (1567-1601). As for my secondary sources are:

Horrox,Rosemary, trans. and ed. The Black Death. UK: Manchester UP,

Slack, Paul.The Impact of Plague in Tudor and Stuart  England. Oxford
UP, 1927.

Wilson, F.P. The plague in Shakespear's London. London: Oxford UP, 1927.

and other materials that I found in periodicals and on the web, but
these materials didn't help much. Therefore, may I ask your opinion
about my research topic, and could you give me some suggestions and
directions to look for the materials about plague and the comments about
Nashe's poem? And if you have this kind of information, please tell me,
I will be appreciated. Thank you.

Sincerely Wei-Chia Wu
May 22, 2000.

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