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The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.2313  Wednesday, 12 December 2000

From:           Hugh Davis <
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Date:           Tuesday 12 Dec 2000 13:39:59 -0500
Subject:        Shakespop

On last night's _Boston Public_, a Fox drama about life at a high
school, Milton, an English teacher, fell for a young woman he met at a
coffeehouse in a sequence filled with commentary on Shakespeare.  While
carrying a Portable Shakespeare, he was spoken to by Lisa, whom he took
to be a Harvard student (she told him she was 20 and asked him about a
professor).  They discussed her theory that Shakespeare was better on
the page than stage (his representations then were supposedly false).
Proverbial sparks flew, and the two ended up in bed twice in one school
day (Milton missed a class in fact), causing the English teacher to dump
his then girlfriend, arguing that "it's not every day you meet a woman
who can recite Shakespeare."  In the end of the episode, Lisa reveals
she's in fact a student at the high school, and that she has had a crush
on him for some time.  She wants to continue the affair, since "it's
rare to meet a man who can recite Shakespeare." There was a poster of
Shakespeare on the wall of the bedroom, and Milton began to quote Marc
Antony from Julius Caesar at one point.

Hugh Davis

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