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Daniel's Relationship to Shakespeare
The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.0775  Thursday, 5 April 2001

From:           Edmund Taft <
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Date:           Wednesday, 04 Apr 2001 12:35:02 -0400
Subject:        Daniel's Relationship to Shakespeare

I agree with Peter Groves that Shakespeare and Daniel share the capacity
to write verse that contains image clusters and complicated word play.
Peter makes a most interesting point in this regard because for years
critics accused Daniel of writing verse that is "flat," by which they
meant, presumably, verse that reads like prose.  Wordsworth and Eliot
are praised for that, but Daniel condemned (?)

As to the question of influence, it's hard to know which way it goes,
but might it not be reciprocal?  One example is Daniel's Civil Wars,
which seems to be an intellectual exploration of history and politics
much like the Henriad.  For instance, both Shakespeare and Daniel do
interesting things with the scene where Hal "steals" his father's crown.
Daniel comments that Hal proceeds  "as if unwilling longer time to lose"
-- an insight that also seems valid when one reads Shakespeare's own
version of "Stealing the Crown."

--Ed Taft

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