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Shakespeare Comparisons
The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 13.0309  Monday, 4 February 2002

From:           Susan Neill <
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Date:           Thursday, 31 Jan 2002 09:41:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject:        Shakespeare Comparisons

>I watched most of that airing of Shakespeare in
>Love, and found the bits with Al Roker as ridiculous
>as Conan did.  Somebody complained about it at the
>time on the humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare
>newsgroup, and I posted the following summary in
>I didn't find the commercials quite as intrusive as
>you did, and I ended up watching a goodly chunk of the
>movie while mostly working on other things.  What I
>found both hilarious and rather annoying was Al
>introductions to the promos for NBC shows interspersed
>throughout the program.  Not only were these intros
>chock-full of factual errors (at one point Roker
>claimed that Shakespeare wrote "43 plays"), but they
>attempted to link Shakespeare to NBC shows in
>hilariously ludicrous ways.
>For example (I'm slightly paraphrasing):
>"Shakespeare's The Tempest opens with a storm which
>shipwrecks a group of people  on an island.  On this
>week's ER, a similar storm causes lots of problems for
>the doctors in the ER."
>"The Rose Theater [sic] saw the opening of many of
>Shakespeare's greatest plays, including Romeo and
>Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear, and Macbeth.  But we've got
>them all beat -- J. Lo's first concert appearance
>ever, right here on NBC!"
>I just couldn't help laughing out loud at that last
>one.  Not that I have anything in particular against
>Jennifer Lopez, but comparing her to King Lear and
>Hamlet is just flat-out silly.
>Dave Kathman

I know like everyone should like take WS like real serious and
everything, but I think even network tv and Al Roker are allowed some
vapid attempts at tongue-in-cheek comparisons...

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