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Shakespeare's Local Habitations
The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 18.0771  Saturday, 24 November 2007

From:		Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney <
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Date:		Saturday, 24 Nov 2007 10:12:09 -0600
Subject:	Shakespeare's Local Habitations

_Shakespeare's Local Habitations_ -- a collection of international 
essays is now available (the University of Lodz Press (Wydawnictwo 
Uniwersytetu Lodzkiego), Poland). For further information contact Beata 
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Bob White, who wrote its introduction, deftly explains the main aim of 
the contributors' endevour:  "In the cold, hard language of 
international capitalism, Shakespeare is a global commodity, a currency 
that has credit even more universal than the American dollar and Euro. 
As a consequence, his plays and words, taken in and out of context, have 
been shamelessly exploited, most notably in a cultural imperialism that 
seeks to homogenize and imprint certain values on all countries in the 
world. [. . .  ]. This book examines a range of ways in which the 
phenomenon operates, from the global, the national, the ethnic, the 
individual, to his ubiquitousness in a new media.   [. . ]"


R.S. White,				
Introduction National Shakespeares

Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney,	
 From Kott to Commerce: Shakespeare in Communist and Post-Communist Poland

Werner Habicht,
Shakespeare, the Age of Shakespeare, And Shakespeare Reception	

Murray J. Levith,
Shakespeare and Mao, 1949-1966

Laurence Wright,
Shakespeare in South Africa: 'Alpha' and 'Omega'

Sukanta Chaudhuri,
Shakespeare in India

Alan Brissenden,
Australian Shakespeare

R.S. White,
Australian Shakespeare: Scholarship and Criticism

Local Shakespeares
Li Lan Yong,
Romeos and Juliets, Local/Global	

Paul J.C.M. Franssen,
Arawaks and Caribs: Shakespeare's Tempest and the Indians	

MacDonald Jackson,
All Our Tribe: The Maori Merchant of Venice

Herb Weil,
Whose Dogberry? Or the Afterlife of John Barton's 'Raj' Much Ado	

Ian Maclennan,
"Puzel hath bravely played her part": National Sensibilities in English 
and Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare's Henry VI in 2002

Rose Gaby,
Zootango's Garden Shakespeare: Hobart 1992-1996

New Media and the Global Village
H.R. Coursen,
Shakespearean Offshoots	

Fiona Brideoake,
 From "Nobody" to "The Author": Shakespeare in Love and the Rewriting of 

Michael Best,	
New Silk and Old Sack: Performing Shakespeare in New Media

Heather Nimmo,
Writing Shakespeare
S H A K S P E R: The Global Shakespeare Discussion List
Hardy M. Cook, 
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The S H A K S P E R Web Site <>

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