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Summer Vacations on SHAKSPER
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 135. Wednesday, 15 May 1991.
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  (Ken Steele)
Subject: 	Summer Vacations and SHAKSPER
Date: 		Wed, 15 May 91 18:33:29 EDT
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
I'm glad to see that discussion on SHAKSPER has begun to pick up
again, after the trauma of end-of-term marking and exams, which I
assume is just about over for most of us.
The next seasonal fluctuation will be a little less predictable:
summer vacation schedules.  Personally, I do not have any plans to be
away from my terminal this summer (although I will jaunt down to
Waterloo a few times in July for sessions of the XIVth International
Conference on Elizabethan Theatre) -- so, for a change, it would appear
that SHAKSPER will survive the summer unscathed.
I've already received requests from a number of members, however, for
arrangements to be made for *their* vacations, and thought that by
taking this opportunity to explain the procedure to everyone I might
avoid some of the workload myself.
At any time, members of SHAKSPER can issue the command
to ListServ@utoronto.bitnet in order to temporarily suspend SHAKSPER
mailings to your account.  You can send this command as an interactive
TELL message (if you're directly on Bitnet) or as the only line in a
mail message with no subject line.
When you wish mailings to resume, you simply issue the command
in the same way.  In order to see what you've missed, you can order
the SHAKSPER logbooks from the Fileserver (see your SHAKSPER GUIDE for
The "NOMAIL" command should be used if you plan to be away from your
terminal temporarily, say for a week or more, but will be returning to
the same address later this summer or in the fall.  It allows you to
control your status directly, and allows you to retain your access to
the SHAKSPER Fileserver.  If you will not be assigned the same account
in the fall (due to graduation or system change-overs) please advise
me directly and we can remove your address from the list altogether.
I hope that this note has not just muddied the waters.  If ListServ
gives you any trouble, please feel free to contact me directly.
					   K e n
					Kenneth B. Steele
                        		Editor, SHAKSPER Conference
					University of Toronto
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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