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Willis on the BBC Shakespeare
Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 170. Monday, 17 Jun 1991.
Date: 		Sun, 16 Jun 1991 20:50:58 -0400
From: 		Roy Flannagan <FLANNAGA@OUACCVMB.Bitnet>
Subject: 	Willis's book on the BBC series
I have used it in teaching both the histories and the comedies, so far,
and find it good for backstage gossip (the fly problem in the outdoor
sets of *As You Like It*, the pinups on Ajax's tent by Lucas Cranach),
perhaps a little starry-eyed about what the directors are doing in that
Willis does not ask large critical questions of the individual
productions.  One thing this list might like to discuss is why Willis's
kind of book can be written now, whereas it could not have been written
twenty years ago.  Exactly what Ken is talking about--asking actors or
even directors about their opinions of character or setting or
plot--just wasn't done in the Fifties and Sixties.  I assume that what
actors and directors thought just didn't matter or wasn't important
enough to write down?
						Roy Flannagan

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