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Scholarly Papers:

Bains, Yashdip. "Loose Ends and Inconsistencies in the First Quarto of Shakespeare's Hamlet?" Hamlet Studies 18 (1996): 94-104. icon Loose Ends and Inconsistencies Q1 Hamlet

Cacicedo, Al. "Private Parts." Preliminary notes for an essay on gender identity in Shakespeare. icon Public Privates

Chesnoiu, Monica Matei "'Of every nation a traveler': Geographical and Spatial Imagination in Pericles." icon Of every nation a traveler

Conlon, Joe. "Would You Believe. . . 'Sergeant Shakespeare'?" icon Sergeant Shakespeare

Cook, Hardy M. "Introductions, Annotations, and the Electronic Edition, "A paper presented to the "Introductions and Annotations" seminar of the 2002 International Shakespeare Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon. icon Electronic Text

---. "Jane Howell's BBC First Tetralogy: Theatrical and Televisual Manipulation." Literature/Film Quarterly. 20 (1992): 326-331. icon Jane Howells BBC First Tetralogy

---. "The Politics of an Academic Discussion Group." A paper presented to the "The Politics of the Electronic Text" seminar of the 1997 SAA conference in Washington, D.C. icon Politics of an Academic Discussion Group

---. Review of Janet Adelman's Suffocating Mothers: Fantasies of Maternal Origins in Shakespeare's Plays, HAMLET to THE TEMPEST (New York and London: Routledge, 1992). Shakespeare Newsletter (42.2, Summer 1992, 29-30). icon Suffocating Mothers Review

---. Review of The World Shakespeare Bibliography on CD-ROM. Appeared in Shakespeare Newsletter (46.2, Summer 1996, 33- 34) with some minor revisions. icon The World Shakespeare Bibliography on CD-ROM

---. "A Shakespearean in the Electronic Study." A paper presented to the computing approaches seminar of the 1990 SAA conference in Philadelphia. icon Electronic Study

---. “SHAKSPER Roundtable on Intentions: The Origins of the Collaboration with Style.”  Style. 44.3 (Fall 2010): 412-425.  Longer version icon Cook Long Style Essay (81.96 kB)  Style version icon Cook Style 44.3 Essay (84.06 kB).

---. "'Take your choice of those that best can ayde your action": Editing and the Electronic Text," An earlier version of this paper accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation was given at the 1998 Shakespeare Association of America Annual Meeting Panel "The Electronic Text as a Tool in Research an Teaching," March 21, 1998, in Cleveland, Ohio. The paper was presented again with a more expanded PowerPoint presentation as the Keynote Address at the College English Association, Middle Atlantic Group's annual conference, March 6, 1999. Although the paper is meant to be heard in conjunction with its PowerPoin counterpoint, the substance of the presentation is recorded here and published in CEAMagazine 2000: 3-14. icon Editing and the Electronic Text

---. "Two Lears for Television: An Exploration of Televisual Strategies." Literature/Film Quarterly. 14 (1986): 179-186. Reprinted in Bulman and Coursen Shakespeare and Television: An Anthology of Essays and Reviews, 122-129. icon Two Lears

---. "Valuing the Material Text: A Plea for a Change in Policy Concerning Selection of Reference Texts for Future New Variorum Shakespeare Editions, with Examples from the 1609 Quarto of SHAKE-SPEARES SONNETS." A paper presented to the "Shakespeare's Sonnets: Mapping Uncertainty" seminar of the 1994 SAA conference in Albuquerque. icon Material Text

---. "Reformatting Hamlet: Creating a Q1 Hamlet for Television." A paper presented to the "Reformatting the Bard" seminar of the 1996 Sixth World Shakespeare Congress in Los Angeles. Published in The Shakespeare Yearbook 8 (1997): 370-382. icon Reformating Hamlet

---.  "Unnoticed Variant Reading in Q1 Lucrece, 1594." Notes and Queries 52 (2005): 193-95. icon Unnoticed Variant Reading in Q1 Lucrece, 1594

Culwell, Lori M. "The Role of the Clown in Shakespeare's Theatre." icon Role of the Clown

Davis, WIlliam. "Shakespeare, [Re]Visionist" icon Shakespeare, [Re]Visionist

Evett, David. "Remembering Death: Deathbed Scenes in Shakespeare's Plays and the Visual Tradition." Seminar Paper for Shakespeare and the Graphic Arts. 1994 Annual Meeting of SAA. icon Deathbed Scenes

Godshalk, William Leigh. "Twelfth Night: All or Nothing? What You Will, It's All One -- Or Is It?" icon Twelfth Night: All or Nothing


Green, Douglas E. "New-Minted Shakespeare: Old Currency in a New Classroom Economy." 1993 SAA seminar paper. icon New-Minting Shakespeare

Hill, Harry. "The Mixture of 'High' and 'Low' Culture in Hamlet I,i: A Close Reading." This paper was delivered at Popular Culture Association Meeting in Syracuse, NY, on November 2nd 1995. icon High and Low Culture in Hamlet

Horton, Thomas B. (Thesis Abstract) A stylometric analysis of Shakespeare and Fletcher. icon Stylometry Shakespeare and Fletcher

Lancashire, Ian. "The Public Domain Shakespeare." Paper presented at 1992 MLA Session on Electronic Archives. icon Public Domain Shakespeares

Lakowski, Ramuald I. "The Misogyny of Richard III in More's History of King Richard III and Shakespeare's King Richard the Third." icon History to Myth

Lamonico, Michael. "Teaching Shakespeare with a Computer" and "Seek Me Out By Computation." icon Teaching Shakespeare Computer

Leslie, Robert W. "Shakespeare's Italian Dream: Cinquecento Sources for A Midsummer Night's Dream." icon Shakespeares Italian Dream

Loughlin, Thomas W. "Shakespeare by Mail: An Experience in Distance Learning Using Electronic Mail." icon Shakespeare by Mail

McKenzie, Stanley D. "The Prudence and Kinship of Prince Hal and John of Lancaster in 2 Henry IV." icon Prudence and Kinship of Prince Hal

Markel, JD. "Ovid’s Metamorphoses in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds" icon Ovid’s Metamorphoses in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds

Matsuba, Stephen. "`The Cunning Pattern of Excelling Nature': Literary Computing and Shakespeare's Sonnets." A paper presented at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada, June 1989. icon Literary Computing and Shakespeares Sonnets

Ridden, Geoff. "Carry This Island Home in His Pocket": Buying and Selling Shakespeare. icon Carry This Island Home in His Pocket

Richman, David. "The King Lear Quarto in Rehearsal and Performance" This essay an April, 1985, production and was published in Shakespeare Quarterly Autumn, 1986. icon The Historie of King Lear

---. Hamlet's Night of Comic Horror: Implications for Performance Derived from the "Bad Quarto" icon Hamlets Night of Comic Horror

Rizvi, Pervez. "Evidence of Revision in Othello." Published in Notes and Queries, September 1998. icon EVIDENCE OF REVISION IN OTHELLO

Schneider, Ben Ross. "Granville's Jew of Venice (1701): A Close Reading of Shakespeare's Merchant." icon Granvilles Jew of Venice

---. Shakespeare's Morality (a work in progress in five chapters). Chapter One: "Shakespeare was a Stoic" icon Shakespeares Morality 1; Chapter Two: "Shylock Is Us" icon Shakespeares Morality 2; Chapter Three: "King Lear and the Culture of Justice" icon Shakespeares Morality 3; Chapter Four: "Henry IV, 1 & 2: The Education of a Prince" icon Shakespeares Morality 4; Chapter Five: "Hal Imitates The Sun." icon Shakespeares Morality 5

Shand, G.B. Skip. "Queen of the First Quarto." Performance-oriented study of the Queen in the first Quarto Hamlet. Also available in abstract. icon QUEEN OF THE FIRST QUARTO

Sharma, Susheel Kumar and Vinod Kumar Singh. "Hamlet: An Interpretation in the Light of Indian Idea of Kingship", published in the Indian journal Points of View (XVI, 2 (Winter 2009): 25-35). icon Hamlet: An Interpretation in the Light of Indian Idea of Kingship

Steele, Kenneth B. "Vowing, Swearing, and Superpraising of Parts: Petrarch and Pyramus in the Woods of Athens." Paper delivered at the 14th Annual Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Conference, Villanova, Pennsylvania, September 1989. icon Petrarch and Pyramus in the Woods of Athens

---. "`This Falls Out Better Than I Could Devise': Play-bound Playwrights and the Nature of Shakespearean Comedy."An expanded version of a paper contributed to the ludic elements seminar at the 1990 SAA Conference in Philadelphia. icon This fallles Out Better

---. "'Leaden Contemplation': Ambiguous Evidence of Revision in Q1 Love's Labour's Lost." Textual study of passages of duplication in Q1 LLL. icon Ambiguous Evidence of Revision in Q1 Loves Labours Lost

---. "`The Letter was not Nice but Full of Charge': Towards an Electronic Facsimile of Shakespeare." A paper presented at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada, June 1989. icon Electronic Facsimile of Shakespeare

---. "`Look What Thy Memory Cannot Contain': The Shakespeare Electronic Text Archive." Shakespeare Bulletin 7:5 (September/October 1989): 25-8. icon Shakespeare Electronic Text Archive

Strickland, Ron. "Teaching Shakespeare Against the Grain." A shorter version appeared in Teaching Shakespeare Today: Practical Approaches and Productive Strategies. Eds. James Davis and Ronald Salomone. Urbana: National Council of Teachers of English, 1993. icon Teaching Shakespeare Today

Urkowitz, Stephen. "'Do me the kindnes to looke vpon this' and 'Heere, read, read': An Invitation to the Pleasures of Textual/ Sexual Di(Per)versity." Paper presented to the 1991 SAA in Vancouver. icon Pleasures of Textual

Waller, Gary. "Teaching the Late Plays as Family Romance." icon Teaching the Late Plays as Family Romance

Wylie, "Jessica. Faires and Gods": A Socio-Religious Context for King Lear." icon A Socio-Religious Context for _King Lear_

Zakov, Amnon.  "Death Becomes Hamlet  - OR - Is That The Question? A Tragic Comedy in Two Acts and One Free Programme Written and translated from Hebrew icon Death Becomes Hamlet

---. Death Becomes Hamlet: Elsinore as a Black Hole. icon DEATH BECOMES HAMLET Elsinore as a Black Hole



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