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From:         Mireille Ravassat <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Date:         October 15, 2011 11:11:06 AM EDT

Subject:      Stylistics and Shakespeare's Language


Dear colleagues,


We are glad to inform you that Stylistics and Shakespeare's Language --

Transdisciplinary Approaches has been published by Continuum in the

Advances in Stylistics Series.


Editors: Mireille Ravassat (Valenciennes University, France) and Jonathan

Culpeper (Lancaster University, UK). See link below.


Table of contents


Introduction Mireille Ravassat and Jonathan Culpeper


Chapter 1: 'Strange deliveries': Contextualizing Shakespeare's First

Citations in the OED

Giles Goodland


Chapter 2: Shakespeare's Vocabulary: Did it Dwarf All Others?

Ward E. Y. Elliott and Robert J. Valenza


Chapter 3: A New Kind of Dictionary for Shakespeare's Plays: An Immodest Proposal

Jonathan Culpeper


Chapter 4: 'If I break time': Shakespearean Line Endings on the Page and

the Stage

Peter Kanelos


Chapter 5: Subject-Verb Inversion and Iambic Rhythm in Shakespeare's

Dramatic Verse

Richard Ingham and Michael Ingham


Chapter 6: Shakespeare's 'Short' Pentameters and the Rhythms of Dramatic Verse

Peter Groves


Chapter 7: Wholes and Holes in the Study of Shakespeare's Wordplay

Dirk Delabastita


Chapter 8: 'a thing inseparate/Divides more wider than the sky and

earth' - of Oxymoron in Shakespeare's Sonnets

Mireille Ravassat


Chapter 9: 'Rue with a difference': a Computational Stylistic Analysis of

the Rhetoric of Suicide in Hamlet

Thomas Anderson and Scott Crossley


10: Shakespeare's Sexual Language and Metaphor: a

Cognitive-Stylistic Approach

José L. Oncins-Martínez


Chapter 11: Cognitive Interplay: How Blending Theory and Cognitive Science

Reread Shakespeare

Amy Cook


More details and preview:


Best regards,

Mireille Ravassat and Jonathan Culpeper


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