Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 2. Thursday, 26 Jul 1990.
Date:         Thu, 26 Jul 90 15:04:37 EDT
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      Current Contents of the SHAKSPER Fileserver
As conference papers, essays, articles, reviews, electronic texts,
calls for papers, and announcements are posted on the SHAKSPER
Fileserver they will be announced to the Conference as a whole.  This
initial announcement, however, will have to suffice to introduce the
current contents of the Fileserver.
First of all, the SHAKSPER Fileserver holds all the general information
files which are sent to new members in the NEWMEMBR PACKAGE.  These
include a reasonably up-to-date listing of the Fileserver's contents and
the membership list, the current file of member biographies, the
SHAKSPER Guide, and the current Logbook.  Members can obtain these files
individually or as a package, by requesting the file NEWMEMBR PACKAGE.
The SHAKSPER BIOGRAFY file on the fileserver will be continuously
updated, and can be retrieved at any time by any member.  The CMS
program file, BIOGRAFY EXEC, is also available, and can be used to
display the biography for any given SHAKSPERean from the BIOGRAFY
file(s).  Thanks go to Jim Coombs, the author of this program in a
slightly different form, for permission to modify it and make it
available on SHAKSPER.
Currently only two conference announcements are available on the
Fileserver: the outline programme and call for papers for the 1991
International Shakespeare Association Conference in Tokyo, Japan (TOKYO
CONFERNC) and the Shakespeare Association of America's announced travel
plans for that conference (TRAVEL TOKYO).  Members are invited to
forward copies of any conference announcements they may have received
which would be of interest to other SHAKSPEReans.
The Scholarly Papers section of the SHAKSPER Fileserver currently
contains six submitted papers, four of which were submitted by the
editor himself.  Members are again invited to submit conference papers
for posting in this area -- I will gladly remove my own when space no
longer permits.  The papers at present are the following:
Stephen Matsuba.  "`The Cunning Pattern of Excelling Nature':
  Literary Computing and Shakespeare's Sonnets."  A paper presented
  at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada,
  June 1989.  (COMPUTER SONNETS)
Hardy M. Cook.  "A Shakespearean in the Electronic Study."  A paper
  submitted to the computing approaches seminar of the 1990 SAA
  conference in Philadelphia.  (ELECTRON STUDY)
Kenneth B. Steele.  "`The Letter was not Nice but Full of Charge':
  Towards an Electronic Facsimile of Shakespeare."  A paper presented
  at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada,
  June 1989.  (DYNAMIC SHAKSPER)
------.  "`Look What Thy Memory Cannot Contain': The Shakespeare
  Electronic Text Archive."  _Shakespeare Bulletin_ 7:5 (September/
  October 1989): 25-8.  (WCRUNCHR SHAKSPER)
------.  "Vowing, Swearing, and Superpraising of Parts: Petrarch and
  Pyramus in the Woods of Athens."  Paper delivered at the 14th PMR
  Conference, Villanova Pennsylvania, September 1989.
------.  "`This Falls Out Better Than I Could Devise': Play-bound
  Playwrights and the Nature of Shakespearean Comedy."  An expanded
  version of a paper contributed to the ludic elements seminar at
  the 1990 SAA Conference in Philadelphia.  (SURROGAT PLAYWRIT)
All members are encouraged to submit electronic copies of recent papers
on Shakespearean subjects (many of the current papers are on computing
themes, but this is purely fortuitous and should not discourage more
conventional subjects).  Please single-space, keep rather narrow
margins, and be careful to format footnotes within square brackets.
Include a paragraph describing the source of the paper, and your stance
on copyright.  A summary paragraph would enable me to make a more
helpful announcement.  (See the SHAKSPER GUIDE for more
detailed instructions on obtaining a current INDEX of files on the
server, or for retrieving specific files yourself.)

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