Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 22. Monday, 20 Aug 1990.
Date:         Mon, 20 Aug 90 17:44:13 EDT
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      1991 SAA Conference in Vancouver
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          Conference Announcement / Call for Papers
             Shakespeare Association of America
              Vancouver Venue for 1991 Meeting
      Twenty-two workshops and research seminars will be
among the offerings at the nineteenth annual meeting of the
Shakespeare Association of America, 21-23 March 1991, in
Vancouver, British Columbia.  The Four Seasons Hotel will be
the site of all workshops, seminars, and major sessions.
Anthony Dawson (University of British Columbia) will serve as
chair of the Local Arrangements Committee.
      Members of the SAA have a choice of two workshops and
twenty research seminars scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday afternoons in Vancouver.
      Workshops allow members the opportunity to tailor
existing skills or to develop new abilities in their careers
as teachers, scholars, and contributors to theatrical
endeavors.  In order to promote an atmosphere most conducive
to productive workshops, leaders of workshops may choose to
close the sessions to auditors.  Research seminars offer
members an opportunity to develop and share their research on
a topic with other scholars with similar interests.
      Every member of the SAA not already committed to take
part in a major session of the program may participate in one
workshop or research seminar.  All registration forms must
reach the SAA Administrative Offices no later than
15 September, 1990.
1.    "Reading Performance."
      Miriam Gilbert (University of Iowa)
2.    "Working with Actors on Shakespeare's Language."
      Ellen J. O'Brien (Guilford College)
3.    "Shakespeare's Quartos: Text, Performance, Memory."
      Linda Anderson (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State
      Janis Lull (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
4.    "Shakespeare's Prose."
      Jonas Barish (University of California, Berkeley)
5.    "The London Stage, 1586-95."
      Herbert Berry (University of Saskatchewan)
6.    "The Problem Plays in their Context."
      Lee Bliss (University of California, Santa Barbara)
7.    "Shakespeare's Political Languages."
      Rebecca Bushnell (University of Pennsylvania)
8.    "Reconstructing Shakespearean Character."
      Christy Desmet (University of Georgia)
      Richard Finkelstein (SUC at Geneseo)
9.    "Feminist Readings of the Cross-Dressed Female."
      Evelyn Gajowski (University of California, Santa Cruz)
      Kay Stanton (California State University, Fullerton)
10.   "(Re)-Discovering Shakespeare's Texts."
      David George (Urbana University)
11.   "Teaching Editions of Shakespeare."
      Jay Halio (University of Delaware)
12.   "Shakespeare and the English Church."
      Donna Hamilton (University of Maryland, College Park)
13.   "Screening Shakespeare."
      Barbara Hodgdon (Drake University)
14.   "Shakespearean Power and Punishment."
      Gillian Murray Kendall (Smith College)
15.   "Elizabethan Historiography and the History Play."
      F.J. Levy (University of Washington)
16.   "Dialogue in Shakespeare's Plays."
      Lynne Magnusson (University of Waterloo)
17.   "Shakespeare and the New World."
      Katherine Eisaman Maus (University of Virginia)
18.   "Shakespeare's Bastards."
      Mary Ann McGrail (Catholic University)
19.   "1599."
      James Shapiro (Columbia University)
20.   "Distinction."
      James Siemon (Boston University)
21.   "Shakespearean Romance and Its Sources."
      Mihoko Suzuki (University of Miami)
22.   "Entertainers on the Road in Early Modern England."
      Suzanne R. Westfall (Lafayette College)
      Paul Whitfield White (Baylor University)
      Short papers (10-12 pages, 20 minutes reading time) on
      any appropriate topic are welcomed for consideration
      for the 1991 program in Vancouver.  All papers
      submitted will undergo a blind reading by a committee
      headed by a Trustee selected by the President.
      To be included in the open submission competition,
      members are asked to send a cover letter stating each
      essay's title and three copies of each paper to the SAA
      Administrative Offices *no later than 30 September*.
      Those who submit essays are asked to omit any
      identification on the essays themselves and to include
      a stamped, self-addressed envelope if they wish their
      papers to be returned.  Winners of the open submission
      competitions will be asked to withdraw from other
      commitments on the program.
      For membership in the Shakespeare Association of
      America, contact:
            The Shakespeare Association of America
            Department of English
            Southern Methodist University
            Dallas, TX  75275
      Annual dues are determined by yearly income, and
      assessed by the calendar year ($20-$50 US).
      S.A.A. Members may select either a workshop or a
      seminar session.  *No one* may participate in more than
      one of these sessions.  Please list your 1st, 2nd, 3rd,
      and 4th choices.  Those registration forms submitted
      without a range of choices may have to be assigned a
      session at random.  The form must be returned to the
      S.A.A. by *15 September 1990*.
[Adapted and condensed from the S.A.A. Bulletin, Vol. 14 No. 2,
July 1990.]

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