Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 57. Friday, 14 Sep 1990.
Date:   Fri, 14 Sep 90 10:29:35 EDT
Subject:  Queries: Richard Levin; Classic Criticism
Until recently my interest in Shakepeare's plays has been more "hobby"
than "scholarly," i.e. reading the plays themselves but not reading
critical works on them.  I decided it was time to pursue Shakespearean
criticism and so picked up several books by Richard Levin.  The first
"A New Reading of Old Plays" put forth some interesting ideas, some that
seem to debunk or criticize several current trends in the field.
My questions are these:  Is anyone familiar with this work, if so, would
anyone care to comment on it (positively or negatively), and would
anyone care to recommend to a Shakespearean neophyte some other critical
Hope Greenberg                           HAG@UVMADMIN
University Computing
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT  05405

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