Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 98. Wednesday, 14 Nov 1990.
Date:   Tue, 13 Nov 90 15:07:46 EST
From:   GA0708@SIUCVMB
Subject: Growing Up and Growing Old in Shakespeare
For the last half dozen years I have been interesting myself in the
subject of aging as it is treated in literature.  As a Shakespearean,
I have, naturally, spent a fair amount of time in examining his texts
as grist for my gerontological mill.  About two or three years ago,
someone offered a seminar at the Folger on "Growing Up and Growing Old
in Shakespeare."  I no longer have the program so I don't know who it
was that organized that session.  I have two requests.  Does anyone
know who gave that seminar?  And secondly, since I am planning to
give a seminar in a similar vein in the spring, does anyone know any
good books or articles on the subject of growing up in Shakespeare?
Although I have a fairly large bibliography on growing old in
Shakespeare, any suggested titles (particularly of very recent vintage)
on that topic would also be quite welcome.
                Herbert Donow
                Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

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