Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 108. Monday, 19 Nov 1990.
Date:         Mon, 19 Nov 90 15:27:41 EST
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
     I am pleased to announce a new and innovative project which
should ultimately prove invaluable to Shakespearean scholars: the
     "WORKS-IN PROGRESS SHAKSPER" will be an annotated index
of Shakespearean scholarly articles, books, papers, and
dissertations currently in progress, in press, or recently published.
So far as I know, such an index is available nowhere else, and I
believe that the electronic medium in which we are swimming is
*precisely* suited to conveying this sort of ever-changing ever-
obsolescent information.
     The file will be stored on the SHAKSPER Fileserver, and
updated frequently -- daily if necessary.  Members will be able to
retrieve the file at any time, and search electronically or manually
for desired information by scholar, title, or by designated
keywords.  Entries will be alphabetical by scholar, and will
probably take the form of this hypothetical example (which is
supposed to be slightly amusing, and not indicative of the quality I
hope to include):
SMITH, John M. (University of Erewhon)
           (Untitled).  A book-length study of female characters in
           Shakespeare's sonnets, with a strong predilection for
           the darker ladies.  Computer analysis and quantum
           mechanics will play a large part in the study.  ETA:
           1993.  (Keywords: SONNETS FEMINISM COMPUTER
           "Whether 'tis Nobler in the Mind: The Study versus the
           Stage." (Tentative title).  A conference paper defending
           the treatment of Shakespeare as poetry rather than
           drama.  ETA: 1991.  (Keywords: POETRY PERFORM-
           ANCE STUDY)
           *Hamlet*.  (ed.)  The Orangutan Shakespeare.  New
           York: Orangutan Press, 1991.  (Keywords: EDITION
           *A Cumulative Index to Shakespeare's Mizpelings* [sic].
           Atlantis: Utopian University Press, 1990.  5 vols.  The
           definitive study of Shakespeare's (not the compositors'!)
           difficulties with orthography.  (Has been in press for
           the past 15 years...)  (Keywords: TEXT ORTHOGRAPHY
           *A Parallel-Text Edition of Everything Shakespeare
           Wrote.*  New York: Garland, 1989.  [Don't get excited,
           this is fictional.]  (Keywords: TEXT QUARTOS FOLIOS
           Doe, John L.  (Untitled).  An analysis of the effect of
           Mother-Son relationships on Shakespearean protagonists.
           Ph.D. University of Erewhon.  ETA: 1993.  (Keywords:
           Doe, Jane L.  "Lady Macbeth's Mother: A study of the
           Mother-Daughter relationship in Shakespearean tragedy."
           (Tentative Title).  M.A. University of Erewhon.  ETA:
           1991.  (Keywords: FAMILY FEMINISM CHARACTERS
     More specialized than the SHAKSPER Biography files, the
WORKS-IN PROGRESS Index will offer specific information on
current Shakespeare research projects and dissertations supervised
by SHAKSPEReans (and perhaps their colleagues).  Here there is
no room for modesty; please include *everything* relevant to
Shakespeare studies, whether you feel awkward "plugging" your
new book or not.  So far as I am concerned, "recent" can mean
anything less than 10 years old.  And please don't worry about
giving others your closely-guarded research ideas; if anything, you
will be reserving the subject for yourself, and warning off graduate
students considering the topic for a thesis.  You are also
encouraged to send updated information as often as necessary.
     Obviously this Index will grow in usefulness as the membership
in SHAKSPER grows (currently 87 worldwide), but its comprehen-
siveness will be directly proportionate to your cooperation and
assistance.  Scholars will be asked to submit information in the
format above before becoming members of SHAKSPER, but I must
now plead that every dissertation supervisor and researcher
already in this conference forward a similar list to me as soon as
     Thank you in advance for the time and trouble this may cause
you all; but bear in mind that your own efforts will be repaid
almost a hundredfold (for the moment) and ultimately still more.
                                           Ken Steele
                                           University of Toronto

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