Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 111. Tuesday, 20 Nov 1990.
Date:         Tue, 20 Nov 90 10:27:48 EST
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      Current Contents of the SHAKSPER Fileserver
Because of significant additions to the SHAKSPER Fileserver in the
past week, I am distributing the SHAKSPER FILES listing to all
members of the conference.  In particular, note the changes in the
"Announcements" and "Reference" sections.
  File Package for New Members:
  NEWMEMBR PACKAGE    Order this file to receive the package
  SHAKSPER GUIDE      The User Manual for members of SHAKSPER
  SHAKSPER MEMBERS    A recent list of SHAKSPER members
  SHAKSPER FILES      This file, describing the Fileserver's contents
       The New Member Package also includes recent SHAKSPER Logbooks
       and the Member Biography files (though not the program).
  Member Biography File(s) and Retrieval Program:
  BIOGRAFY PACKAGE    Order this file to receive the package
  SHAKSPER BIOGRAFY   The first file of SHAKSPER member biographies
  SHAKS-00 BIOGRAFY   The second file of SHAKSPER member biographies
  SHAKS-01 BIOGRAFY   The third file (in progress)
  BIOGRAFY EXEC       A CMS retrieval program for the SHAKSPER
                        biography files, by Jim Coombs
  BIOGRAFY HELPCMS    A help file for the CMS biography program
  CONFERNC DIRECTRY   A continually-updated directory of calls for
                        papers and conference announcements
                        relevant to Shakespearean and Renaissance
                        studies.  Additions welcome.
  SHAKSPER ANNOUNCE   An introduction to the SHAKSPER Conference,
                        and instructions on becoming a member.
                        [This file is available for redistribution.]
  FICINO   ANNOUNCE   An introduction to the FICINO Bitnet seminar,
                        operated by the Centre for Reformation and
                        Renaissance Studies (CRRS), Toronto.
                        Also includes a membership application form.
  TOKYO    TRAVEL     Shakespeare Association of America Travel Plan
                        for 1991 International Shakespeare Association
                        World Congress in Tokyo, Japan
  TOKYO    CONFERNC   International Shakespeare Association Programme
                        for 1991 World Congress in Tokyo, Japan
  VANCOUVR CONFERNC   Shakespeare Association of America Programme for
                        1991 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  DIRECTRY ANNOUNCE   An announcement of the SHAKSPER Directory of
                        Shakespeare Institutions, and a request for
                        member contributions to its contents
  RESEARCH INDEX      An announcement of the SHAKSPER Index of
                        Work in Progress (WORK-IN PROGRESS) and a
                        request for all members to submit information
  Reference Files:
  DIRECTRY INSTITUT   A directory of Shakespearean institutes,
                        organizations, journals, and libraries.
                        Additions welcome.
  WORKS-IN PROGRESS   An index of works in progress, in press,
                        recently published, and dissertations being
                        supervised by SHAKSPEReans.  Additions
  RIVERSID ERRORS     A listing of errors in the Electronic Text
                        Corporation WordCruncher Riverside Shakespeare
                        compiled by Ken Steele.  Additions welcome.
  WATERLOO TEXTBASE   Detailed information supplied by the Centre for
                        the New Oxford English Dictionary, at the
                        University of Waterloo, Ontario.  The project
                        combines the Oxford University Press electronic
                        Complete Works of William Shakespeare (modern
                        spelling) with the retrieval software prepared
                        for the generation of the New OED.
  SPINOFF  BIBLIO     A bibliography of poems, novels, plays, and films
                        inspired by Shakespeare's life and works.
                        Compiled by Lawrence Schimel, Yale University.
                        Additions welcome.
  CHARACTR BIBLIO     A bibliography of works in which Shakespeare
                        figures as a character.  Compiled by Lawrence
                        Schimel, Yale University.  Additions welcome.
  OXFORD   ARCHIVE    Medieval & Renaissance English electronic texts
                        available from the Oxford Text Archive, and
                        details regarding sources and formats.
                        (Updated October 25, 1990)
  OXFORD   BROCHURE   A general introduction to the Oxford Text Archive,
                        accompanied by ordering forms and ordering
  Scholarly Papers:
  Hardy M. Cook.  "A Shakespearean in the Electronic Study."  A paper
    submitted to the computing approaches seminar of the 1990 SAA
    conference in Philadelphia.  (ELECTRON STUDY)
  Thomas B. Horton.  (Thesis Abstract)  A stylometric analysis of
    Shakespeare and Fletcher.  (STYLOMET FLETCHER)
  Stephen Matsuba.  "`The Cunning Pattern of Excelling Nature':
    Literary Computing and Shakespeare's Sonnets."  A paper presented
    at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada,
    June 1989.  (COMPUTER SONNETS)
  Stanley D. McKenzie, "The Prudence and Kinship of Prince Hal
     and John of Lancaster in 2 Henry IV."  (PRUDENCE KINSHIP)
  Kenneth B. Steele.  "Vowing, Swearing, and Superpraising of Parts:
    Petrarch and Pyramus in the Woods of Athens."  Paper delivered at
    the 14th Annual Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Conference,
    Villanova, Pennsylvania, September 1989.  (PETRARCH PYRAMUS)
  ------.  "`This Falls Out Better Than I Could Devise': Play-bound
    Playwrights and the Nature of Shakespearean Comedy."  An expanded
    version of a paper contributed to the ludic elements seminar at
    the 1990 SAA Conference in Philadelphia.  (SURROGAT PLAYWRIT)
  Gary Waller, "Teaching the Late Plays as Family Romance."
  SHAKSPER Quarto/Folio Textbase:
  TEXTBASE ANNOUNCE   A SHAKSPER Announcement of a new on-line
                        resource for members -- the Quarto/Folio
  Kenneth B. Steele.  "`The Letter was not Nice but Full of Charge':
    Towards an Electronic Facsimile of Shakespeare."  A paper presented
    at the ALLC/ICCH conference, "The Dynamic Text," Toronto Canada,
    June 1989.  (DYNAMIC SHAKSPER)
  ------.  "`Look What Thy Memory Cannot Contain': The Shakespeare
    Electronic Text Archive."  _Shakespeare Bulletin_ 7:5 (September/
    October 1989): 25-8.  (WCRUNCHR SHAKSPER)
  SHAKSPER Monthly Logbooks
  All conference transmissions are automatically logged by ListServ in
  rather mechanically-named monthly notebooks.
  SHAKSPER LOG9007    July 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9008    August 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9009    September 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9010    October 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9011    November 1990 Logbook
  SHAKSPER LOG9012    (December 1990 Logbook)
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