Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 112. Wednesday, 21 Nov 1990.
Date:         Wed, 21 Nov 90 07:28:22 EST
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      We were Experiencing Technical Difficulties...
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
Please accept my apologies for the rather confusing mailings of
yesterday.  I HAD thought that we had ironed out all the technical
difficulties before SHAKSPER even began Volume 1 (there was a
Volume 0 of test messages between myself and a few patient colleagues),
but evidently that was wishful thinking.
You received two copies of both (rather lengthy) digests yesterday,
apparently because a technical problem here at Toronto prevented me
from receiving either mailing until 24 hours later.  In future I will
exercise more patience, but my natural assumption was that the mailings
did not reach Listserv for redistribution.  (Normally I receive the
return mailing within an hour, at most.)  This is probably the same
glitch which resulted in a repeated message earlier this month -- and
I rest secure in the knowledge that the SHAKSPER LOG9011 file will
preserve these errors for posterity.  The imaginative variation in
digest numbering was entirely my own.
While we're discussing basic technical details, I would also like
to mention a number of reports of missed mail.  Please note that the
SHAKSPER digests are all numbered sequentially; if you miss a number
(or if I miss one), please be sure to let me know.  Some members
have been missing mail intermittently, and I would like to know the
extent and/or cause of the problem.  (A few members are missing mail
because their mailboxes are full, and mail is being returned to me.
I have given up my earlier attempts to correct each situation, and
now silently delete the returned mail.  SHAKSPER members can retrieve
any missed mail from the logbooks on the Fileserver -- see your
SHAKSPER GUIDE for details).
My apologies for overloading your mailboxes; long-time SHAKSPEReans
will know that this does not happen often at all, but newer members
(particularly those who, like Michael Warren, joined us yesterday)
will assume that EVERY day is like this, receiving New Member
Packages, Logbooks, and four massive mailings.  I assure them it is
not, and I assure you all I am investigating the problem.
                                          Ken Steele
                                          University of Toronto

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