Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 1, No. 139. Wednesday, 19 Dec 1990.
Date:         Mon, 17 Dec 90 17:48:05 EST
From:         Peter Jones <MAINT@UQAM>
Subject:      12th night feast on Jan 5 in Ottawa
People planning to be in the vicinity of Ottawa on January 5 1991 may be
interested in a 16th-century Renaissance feast, organised by the Twelth Night
Society, recreating the court of Elizabeth I. More information is available at
"A Kleenex in the hand is worth two in the box"
Peter Jones                    (514)-987-3542
Internet:Peter Jones <MAINT%This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
UUCP: ...psuvax1!uqam.bitnet!maint

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