Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 34. Thursday, 31 Jan 1991.
Date:     Thu, 31 Jan 91 15:41 EST
From:     <WRIGHTS@CUA>
Subject:  Shakespearean Spinoffs
     For the bibliography of Shakespearean spinoffs, let me nominate
"The Plebians Rehearse the Uprising" by Gunter Grass (1966).  Actually,
it is more like a spinoff of a spinoff.  The protagonist is Bertolt
Brecht, who is rehearsing his version of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus"
in East Berlin when the workers rise against their oppressive leaders
on June 17, 1953.  Instead of lending his support to the workers,
Brecht insists that they show him what is happening in the streets
so that he can revise his conception of "Coriolanus" accordingly.
In this regard, the play might also be of interest to participants
in the recent discussion of how Shakespearean plays get changed
during rehearsals.
     --Steve Wright

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