Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 52. Saturday, 16 Feb 1991.
Date:         Sat, 16 Feb 91 10:13:55 EST
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      1992 SAA Conference
[In response to a number of queries from SHAKSPEReans, I reproduce
here an announcement from the January 1991 Bulletin of the Shakespeare
Association of America (14:1).  KS]
1992 SAA Meeting Plans:
The annual meeting for 1992 will be held in Kansas City on 16-18 April
1992 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
It is the custom of the Association to vary the locations of the annual
meetings.  To reflect the distribution of the membership, the Trustees
try to arrange that we meet (generally speaking) twice in the east for
every once in each of the midwest and west; attention is given to
ensuring that Canada is not neglected.  However, the selection of sites
is not easy.  The Executive Director has to negotiate contracts with hotels
at least eighteen months in advance, and so she must have the Trustees'
approval of the prospective city (or cities) two years ahead.  Moreover,
the initial selection of the city is dependent on the identification of
some member who is ready to commit him/herself to coordinating the local
arrangements -- in effect to inviting the Association to visit.
...The SAA tries as far as possible to avoid holding meetings on religious
holidays.  However, in some cities it is only on the Easter weekend that
hotel rates are reasonable.  Unfortunately the meeting in Kansas City
coincides with both Easter and Passover.  The Executive Director was
unable to negotiate an affordable contract on any other weekend, at any other
hotel, and no alternative site was available.  The Trustees regret any
inconvenience to members.
I have been asked by a number of members to note that we would welcome
invitations to warmer climates.
                            -- copy submitted by Michael Warren

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