Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 75. Monday, 4 Mar 1991.
Date:   Sun, 3 Mar 1991 17:23:35 -0500
From:   Steve Urkowitz <SURCC@CUNYVM>
Subject: 2.0073  Quarto Sources?
Comment:      Re: SHK 2.0073  Quarto Sources?
There's a type facsimile of R&J done by R.Hubbard in the 1920s, and
many libraries also have the collotype facsimiles done by various
agencies in the 19th and 20th centuries.  If you ask, most libraries
will get or borrow the U of California Complete *Shakespeare's Plays in
Quarto.*  And you can xerox from that.  If you can't lay hands on such,
try calling for a copy on any of the major interlibrary loan services.
Maybe they'll zip you a free high-quality xerox.  If needed, I could
likely surface-mail you one of the spares that I had prepared for
various workshops and seminars.
Incidentally, after a workshop on R&J with secondary school and college
teachers in New Jersey, one teacher reported immense excitement about
these early versions from her 5th grade middle school classes.  They
got hooked on what they insisted were "the real real versions" -- old
spelling and all.  You might want to look at my section on R&J in
"Five Women Eleven Ways," in Werner Habicht, ed., IMAGES OF SHAKESPEARE
Good luck,  it can be a fine trip.  Urk.

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