Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 88. Monday, 18 Mar 1991.
Date:         Mon, 18 Mar 91 23:10:30 EST
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      Vancouver SAA & SHAKSPER Hiatus
Dear Fellow SHAKSPEReans;
As many of you may already be aware, I will be in Vancouver for the
Shakespeare Association of America conference from Wednesday March 20th
until Sunday March 24th.  Unfortunately, this means that SHAKSPER must
suffer another brief hiatus in my absence, but I eagerly look forward to
meeting those of you who will also be in Vancouver face-to-face.
I would like to suggest in advance that, from a cursory check of the
programme, the most likely time for a SHAKSPER gathering might be on
the Friday evening, when the SAA/Malone Society Dance is the only thing
scheduled for 10:00pm-1:00am.  (Unless of course others wish to dance...)
I will try to post SOMETHING regarding this on the bulletin board which is
usually placed near the registration desks.
Just this evening I have put the finishing touches on a rather complex
computerized demonstration/simulation of SHAKSPER, which was requested
by the SAA Executive.  Originally I thought this would be simpler than
arranging a Bitnet connection in Vancouver, but now I am no longer so
sure...  In any event, the 25-minute demo will either be running non-stop
at the conference, or will be run in conjunction with a presentation
at scheduled times.  (I'm always the last to know!)
I will also be distributing brochures, more substantial handouts (in
much more limited numbers) and some SHAKSPER "Sampler Diskettes"
containing logbooks, sample files, etc.  (Just so you'll know if someone
should ask you about them).  If you have the time, please stop by and
lend me some moral support at the SHAKSPER display, wherever or
whenever it may be.
Incidentally, things now look very promising indeed that the SAA
Executive will vote to officially endorse SHAKSPER in its Bulletin and
to its members.  That will mean more rapid distribution of SAA news
on SHAKSPER, and also some remarkable growth in membership in the year
to come.  I'll let you know what I hear from the Trustees in Vancouver.
If anyone wants to get something through to SHAKSPER in the next six
days, please send it NOW.  After Tuesday night, I'm very unlikely to
get to electronic mail until next Monday.
See you then, or in Vancouver!
                                           Ken Steele
                                           University of Toronto

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