Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 95. Wednesday, 3 Apr 1991.
Date:         Wed, 03 Apr 91 15:59:02 EST
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      14th Waterloo International Conference on Elizabethan Theatre
[This announcement was first circulated by Lynne Magnusson in paper form
at the SAA conference in Vancouver.  It will be available on the SHAKSPE
          14th Waterloo International Conference
                   on Elizabethan Theatre
             "Women and the Elizabethan Theatre"
                       22-26 July 1991
                    University of Waterloo
                       Waterloo, Canada
Plays at the Stratford Festival to include:
   *Hamlet*, *Much Ado About Nothing* or *Twelfth Night*,
   *Timon of Athens*, *Les Belles Soeurs*.
Conference Addresses to include:
   J. Leeds Barroll, "English Noblewomen and the Court of
      Queen Anna"
   Mary C. Erler, "Alice Countess of Derby and the
      Harefield Entertainment of 1602"
   Elizabeth Hanson, "Brothers of the State"
   Karen Newman, "Sartorial Extravagance and City Comedy"
   Edward Pechter, "*Patient Grissil* and the Trials of
   Kay Stockholder, "The Aristocratic Woman as Scapegoat"
   Ann Thomson, "Pre-Feminism, Protofeminism,
      Shakespeare, Editing"
   Leslie Thomson, "Staging Women: The Creation of
      Middleton's Female Characters."
Short Paper Sessions to include:
   *Household Stuff*, *The Gendered Body*, and more.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                      REGISTRATION FORM
[To make use of this electronic registration form,
courtesy of the SHAKSPER Global Electronic Conference,
print this file to paper and mail to the address below.]
NAME:               ____________________________________
MAILING ADDRESS:    ____________________________________
                    __________________ PHONE:___________
1) Registration Fee (Regular $45 / Student $25)    ______
2) Theatre Tickets (indicate the number
           you would like)
    - Tuesday 23 July (evening)
      ___ ticket(s) for *Much Ado About Nothing*   ______
          at the Festival Theatre @ $34.00/ticket,
      ___ ticket(s) for *Twelfth Night* at the Avon
          Theatre @ $34.00/ticket                  ______
    - Wednesday 24 July (matinee)
      ___ ticket(s) for *Les Belles Soeurs* at the
          Avon Theatre @ $34.00/ticket             ______
          (A French-Canadian play by Michel Tremblay,
          in English -- all female cast)
    - Wednesday 24 July (evening)
      ___ ticket(s) for *Hamlet* at the Festival
          Theatre @ $34.00/ticket                  ______
    - Thursday 25 July (evening)
      ___ ticket(s) for *Timon of Athens* at the
          Patterson Theatre @ $29.20 / ticket      ______
Please make your cheque or money order payable in
Canadian funds to the "University of Waterloo," and
return it with your completed registration form to either
of the Associate Directors:
                Lynne Magnusson or Ted McGee
                Elizabethan Theatre Conference
                c/o Department of English
                University of Waterloo
                Waterloo, Ontario
                Canada  N2L 3G1
Theatre ticket prices are quoted at the 20% group rate
reduction for the top category of seating.  Conference
theatre tickets are limited in number.  Orders will be
filled as they are received until 15 June 1991.  Your
theatre tickets will be held for you to pick up at the
Conference Registration Desk.
3) Accommodations
Most people attending the conference stay on-campus in
Student Village 2, where the sessions also take place.
We shall reserve accommodations for you at Village 2 if
you wish.  Payment should be made when checking in.
____  Please reserve single accommodation (bed and
     breakfast @ $32.50/night) in Student Village 2
     for ____ nights.
____  Please reserve double accommodation (bed and
     breakfast @ $54.16/night) in Student Village 2
     for ____ nights.
____  I shall be making other arrangements for
     accommodations while in Waterloo.
DATE OF ARRIVAL:    ___________________
DATE OF DEPARTURE:  ___________________
4) Airways Transit
        ($39.50 maximum, payable to the driver)
The most convenient, but not the least expensive, way of
getting from Pearson International Airport in Toronto to
the University of Waterloo is by means of Airways
Transit.  The cost of this service goes down in
proportion to the number of passengers.  We shall try to
coordinate the trips of people attending the Conference
if you will fill out the following:
 _____ Please arrange for Airways Transit to meet my
       flight (Airline: ______________ Flight # _______),
       scheduled to arrive from ____________ at _________
       o'clock on the __________ of July.
5) The Conference will open with a reception at 7:30pm on
   Monday 22 July in the Common Room, St. Jerome's
For further information, contact either:
 Lynne Magnusson (519)885-1211, ext. 2759 or 2634 (mess.)
      <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
 Ted McGee (519)884-8110, ext. 280

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