Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 98. Sunday, 7 Apr 1991.
Date:   Sat, 6 Apr 1991 21:33:01 -0500
From:   Steve Urkowitz <SURCC@CUNYVM>
Subj.:  [New York OTHELLO Performance]
I'd like to invite SHAKSPER people to my production of OTHELLO this
week at City College.  Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,
April 11, 12, and 13 at 7pm, and on Thursday April 11 at noon.
We are in the Aaron Davis Hall, Theatre B, on City College's South
Campus, 135th Street and Convent Avenue.  Parking is available in a
supervised lot immediately behind the theatre; entry to the lot is at
133rd Street and Convent Avenue.  Admission and parking are FREE.
For reservations and for travel information, call me at (212) 650-6363.
We have a very powerful student cast, several with a lot of professional
experience, all happily engaged in an exuberant and emotional production
Our running-time is two hours and forty minutes -- slick cutting,
fast talk, exciting fights, original score, flags and fancy costumes,
sex and violence -- perfect for pre-teens and grandma.
Send students, bring friends.
                          Steve Urkowitz

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