Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 100. Tuesday, 9 Apr 1991.
Date:         Tue, 09 Apr 91 17:27:19 EDT
From:         Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:      SHAKSPER Discussion Index
Taking a short break from the trials and tribulations of UNIX, I have
turned my attention to some matters left over from the Vancouver SAA.
One of the most popular paper handouts in Vancouver was a "Discussion
Index" I created from the subject lines of each message in the SHAKSPER
logbooks.  In retrospect, I can see that such a document could be very
useful to members as well, even though they have access to the full
logbooks on the Fileserver.
I have therefore just added the following file, DISCUSS INDEX SHAKSPER,
to the SHAKSPER Fileserver.  I'm also circulating it directly because I
think it *is* useful, to show the course and evolution of our discussion,
and to remind us of forgotten topics we might pursue further.
To relieve the burden on the networks, I am adding this file to the
New Member Package instead of the latest three logbooks, which are
currently sent automatically to all new members.  Likewise, new members
will receive the membership listing, but not the member biography files,
when they register.  This will put the onus on members to retrieve the
files, or request them from me, but results in a more responsible use of
the network.    K.S.
Discussion Index
This index reproduces the "Subject" lines of each
conversation digest sent to SHAKSPER.  This listing gives a
good sense of the number of mailings per month, the subjects
discussed thus far, and the way in which e-mail discussions
July 1990
  SHK 1.0001  SHAKSPER Initial Message
  SHK 1.0002  Current Contents of SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 1.0003  Canadian Performance of *Romeo & Juliette*
  SHK 1.0004  Modern Interpretations
  SHK 1.0005  Modern Interpretations
  SHK 1.0006  Modern Interpretations, Branagh
  SHK 1.0007  Project Gutenberg Announcement
August 1990
  SHK 1.0008  Moralizing Shakespeare & Critical Theory
  SHK 1.0009  E-mail Addressing Confusion
  SHK 1.0010  Modern Interpretations
  SHK 1.0011  Other Bitnet Discussion Groups
  SHK 1.0012  Moralizing Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0013  Interpreting, Moralizing Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0014  New Papers on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 1.0015  (De)Moralizing Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0016  SHAKSPER Hiatus
  SHK 1.0017  Electronic Shakespeares; Copyright on SHAKSPER
  SHK 1.0018  O.B. Hardison, Jr.
  SHK 1.0019  SHAKSPER Hiatus Reminder
  SHK 1.0020  SHAKSPER Returneth!
  SHK 1.0021  Thomas Oakes, Ben Ross Schneider
  SHK 1.0022  1991 SAA Conference in Vancouver
  SHK 1.0023  SHAKSPER Member Biographies Update
  SHK 1.0024  Thomas Oakes, Ben Ross Schneider
  SHK 1.0025  Breaking the Ice...
  SHK 1.0026  The Electronic Bard
  SHK 1.0027  New SHAKSPER Members
  SHK 1.0028  More Electronic Bard
  SHK 1.0029  Electronic Editions
  SHK 1.0030  Stylometry Analysis Abstract
  SHK 1.0031  WordCruncher Shakespeare Errors
  SHK 1.0032  TACT Description by Developers
  SHK 1.0033  WordCruncher *Riverside Shakespeare*
  SHK 1.0034  Query: Shakespeare's Will
  SHK 1.0035  Compositor Stints & WordCruncher
  SHK 1.0036  The Second-Best Bed
  SHK 1.0037  Second-Best Beds (Continued...)
  SHK 1.0038  Oxford Electronic Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0039  Compositors and Circularity
  SHK 1.0040  Ideas for SHAKSPER's Future
  SHK 1.0041  Etexts on SHAKSPER
  SHK 1.0042  Non-Hierarchical Tagging of Etexts
  SHK 1.0043  The Bed's Still Second-Best
  SHK 1.0044  Addressing Messages for SHAKSPER
September 1990
  SHK 1.0045  Bogdanov on TVO!
  SHK 1.0046  Addressing Messages to SHAKSPER
  SHK 1.0047  Titus and "Remunerate"
  SHK 1.0048  Compositors and Circularity
  SHK 1.0049  Titus and "Remunerate"
  SHK 1.0050  The Second-Best Bed Returns
  SHK 1.0051  Beds and Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0052  Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are What?
  SHK 1.0053  The Second-Best Bed, Shakespeare's Life
  SHK 1.0054  Query: Image Clusters and Allusions
  SHK 1.0055  Image Clusters and Allusions
  SHK 1.0056  Beds, Biographical Criticism
  SHK 1.0057  Queries: Richard Levin, Classic Criticism
  SHK 1.0058  Beds, Biography, and Classic Criticism
  SHK 1.0059  Basic Shakespearean Criticism
  SHK 1.0060  Guillaume Chequespierre?
  SHK 1.0061  Collected Works vs Paperback Editions
  SHK 1.0062  Anthologies
  SHK 1.0063  Collected Works, Oxford Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0064  Query: Course Materials
  SHK 1.0065  Conference Announcements, Calls for Papers
October 1990
  SHK 1.0066  Single-Volume Shakespeares
  SHK 1.0067  Expensive Collections
  SHK 1.0068  Collected Works of Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0069  New Renaissance List
  SHK 1.0070  Course Texts / Collected Works
  SHK 1.0071  Paperback Introduction to Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0072  Classroom Texts
  SHK 1.0073  Brief Hiatus in SHAKSPER
  SHK 1.0074  New Marlovian Novel
  SHK 1.0075  New On-Line Shakespeare Resource!
  SHK 1.0076  Current Membership List
  SHK 1.0077  Query: Olivier AYLI?
  SHK 1.0078  Answer to Query: Olivier's *AYLI*
  SHK 1.0079  Query: Textual / Revision Studies?
  SHK 1.0080  Copyright & Electronic Texts
  SHK 1.0081  Possessive Proper Nouns
  SHK 1.0082  New on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 1.0083  Compositor Studies
  SHK 1.0084  New on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 1.0085  Update from the Rose Theatre Site
  SHK 1.0086  New on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 1.0087  World Shakespeare Bibliography
  SHK 1.0088  Creative Anachronisms
  SHK 1.0089  Creative Anachronisms in USA
November 1990
  SHK 1.0090  "Voodoo" *Macbeth* Query
  SHK 1.0091  Elizabethan Fencing Practice
  SHK 1.0092  Swordplay Sources (Cont'd)
  SHK 1.0093  Folger Bibliographer Wanted?
  SHK 1.0094  Member Biographies, Volume 2
  SHK 1.0095  Shakespeare Spinoffs?
  SHK 1.0096  Shakespeare Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0098  Growing Up and Growing Old in Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0099  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0100  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0101  More Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0102  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0103  Spinoffs, *Hamletmachine*
  SHK 1.0104  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0105  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0106  Directory of Shakespearean Institutes
  SHK 1.0107  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0108  Works in Progress Index on SHAKSPER
  SHK 1.0109  New on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 1.0110  New SHAKSPER Conference Directory
  SHK 1.0111  SHAKSPER Fileserver Contents
  SHK 1.0112  Technical Difficulties
  SHK 1.0113  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0114  Work in Progress Index
  SHK 1.0115  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 1.0116  Textual Studies in Canada
  SHK 1.0117  Directory of Shakespearean Institutes
  SHK 1.0118  REACH and SHAKSPER
  SHK 1.0119  Mystery Spinoff
  SHK 1.0120  Colloquia, Electronic & Otherwise
  SHK 1.0121  Character Names: Montanus?
  SHK 1.0122  Shakespearean Spinoffs: Humor on the Heath?
  SHK 1.0123  Montano/Mountanto?
  SHK 1.0124  SHAKSPER Membership
  SHK 1.0125  Bitnet Seminars on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 1.0126  1991 SAA Seminar Papers on SHAKSPER
  SHK 1.0127  REED, Early Music Discussion Groups
  SHK 1.0128  More Errors in ETC Riverside Shakespeare
  SHK 1.0129  Queries: Weeping Deer?
  SHK 1.0130  Rare Books Bitnet Seminar
December 1990
  SHK 1.0131  Weeping Deer (Continued)
  SHK 1.0132  Shakespearean Gardens / Bibliography
  SHK 1.0133  Weeping Deer (Continued)
  SHK 1.0134  Shakespearean Gardens
  SHK 1.0135  More Very Sad Deer
  SHK 1.0136  Season's Silence...
  SHK 1.0137  Florizel's Dress
  SHK 1.0138  New Linguistics Discussion Group
  SHK 1.0139  Twelfth Night Feast in Ottawa
  SHK 1.0140  Season's Greetings
  SHK 1.0141  Florizel's Dress (Cont'd)
  SHK 1.0142  Globe Theatre Site
January 1991
  SHK 2.0001  Happy New Year / Road Warrior *Hamlet*?
  SHK 2.0002  Spinoff Films
  SHK 2.0003  Miscellaneous Videos
  SHK 2.0004  The Dark Side of the Sonnets
  SHK 2.0005  The Sonnets
  SHK 2.0006  The Sonnets (Cont'd)
  SHK 2.0007  The Globe Theatre Site
  SHK 2.0008  Globe Theatre Site
  SHK 2.0009  Zeffirelli's *Hamlet*
  SHK 2.0010  Query: Video *Twelfth Night*
  SHK 2.0011  Response: Video *Twelfth Night*
  SHK 2.0012  Shakespearean Videos
  SHK 2.0013  1991-2 RSC Season
  SHK 2.0014  Videotape of Branagh's *Henry V*
  SHK 2.0015  Shakespearean Videotapes (Cont'd)
  SHK 2.0016  Shakespearean VHS Materials
  SHK 2.0017  Response: Cleese's *Shrew*
  SHK 2.0018  Shakespeare on Video
  SHK 2.0019  RSC Season
  SHK 2.0020  Globe Theatre Site Excavation
  SHK 2.0021  1991 SAA Conference in Vancouver
  SHK 2.0022  Textual Scholarship Conference
  SHK 2.0023  The Loss of Northrop Frye
  SHK 2.0024  Andrew Gurr Responds: The Globe Theatre Site
  SHK 2.0025  Response to Branagh *Henry V* Video Query
  SHK 2.0026  Query: Revision in Rehearsal?
  SHK 2.0027  Machine-Readable Shakespeare Texts
  SHK 2.0028  Miscellaneous Queries
  SHK 2.0029  Shakespeare E-Texts
  SHK 2.0030  Responses: Revision in Rehearsal
  SHK 2.0031  Shakespearean Spinoffs
  SHK 2.0032  Shakespearean E-Texts
  SHK 2.0033  Shakespeare's Library / "Sow'd" in *Cymbeline*
  SHK 2.0034  Shakespearean Spinoffs & Brecht
February 1991
  SHK 2.0035  Shakespeare Database on Internet
  SHK 2.0036  "Sow'd" / Apologies to Michael Hart
  SHK 2.0037  Shakespearean Spinoffs: Novels, Music, Film
  SHK 2.0038  Spinoffs: *Tom Jones*, *Hamletmachine*, *WT*
  SHK 2.0039  Chaucer on Bitnet
  SHK 2.0040  'Tis Pity She's A Whore at RSC
  SHK 2.0041  Brazilian Spinoff
  SHK 2.0042  Brazilian Spinoff (Cont'd)
  SHK 2.0043  Apologies for Error in SHK 2.0042
  SHK 2.0044  SHAKSPER Membership & Biography Files
  SHK 2.0045  Shakespeare in Music
  SHK 2.0046  Shakespearean Spinoffs / Music
  SHK 2.0047  Shakespeare Association Conferences
  SHK 2.0048  Shakespearean Spinoffs - Film
  SHK 2.0049  SAA Vancouver Attendees
  SHK 2.0050  SAA Vancouver Attendees
  SHK 2.0051  Brazilian Spinoff (Cont'd)
  SHK 2.0052  1992 SAA in Kansas City
  SHK 2.0053  *Hamlet* Spinoff on TV Tonight
  SHK 2.0054  *Comedy of Errors* in Performance
  SHK 2.0055  New on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 2.0056  Music for Staging *Othello*?
  SHK 2.0057  Etext of Cornmarket *Comedy of Errors*
  SHK 2.0058  Music for Staging *Othello*
  SHK 2.0059  SAA Abstract;	 WP-to-Mainframe File Transfers
  SHK 2.0060  File Transfers to SHAKSPER
  SHK 2.0061  Toronto Lecture Tomorrow
  SHK 2.0062  New on the SHAKSPER Fileserver
  SHK 2.0063  Authorial Revision
  SHK 2.0064  Query: Sidon's Flowers
  SHK 2.0065  Query: "His very name shall bruise us"?
  SHK 2.0066  Authorial Revision
  SHK 2.0067  Room-Sharing in Vancouver
  SHK 2.0068  Authorial Revision
  SHK 2.0069  Authorial Revision
  SHK 2.0070  Quartos in the Classroom (Authorial Revision)
  SHK 2.0071  Baconian Theories
March 1991
  SHK 2.0072  Responses to Baconian Ciphers
  SHK 2.0073  Quarto Sources?
  SHK 2.0074  Authorship Controversy (was "Baconian Theories")
  SHK 2.0075  Quarto Sources, Quartos in the Classroom
  SHK 2.0076  Authorship Controversy
  SHK 2.0077  Stratford (Ontario) Festival
  SHK 2.0078  Exam for Comments
  SHK 2.0079  Cornmarket *CE* in Class
  SHK 2.0080  SHAKSPER: The First Eight Months and beyond...
  SHK 2.0081  Videos in the Classroom
  SHK 2.0082  More on "Shog"
  SHK 2.0083  Pedagogy: Videos, Flannagan Exam
  SHK 2.0085  Pedagogy: Histories Exam (Cont'd)
(Still in progress . . .)

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