Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 121. Friday, 3 May 1991.
	[The following query was submitted to me by a prospective
	member of SHAKSPER.  If anyone can supply any information on
	this subject, please forward it to the conference directly,
	and I will see that he receives it too.  -- k.s.]
From: 		zkellogg%portland.bitnet@utcs
Date: 		Thu, 2 May 1991 17:02:15 -0400
Subject: 	The American Acclimatization Society
	I'd like to find a brief history of the American Acclimatization
Society. I believe it was a late 19th century organization which had, as its
mission, the introduction to this continent all species of birds mentioned
by Shakespeare. The Starling is often cited as an example of an old world
bird that was introduced here as a result of their efforts. I'd be particularly
interested in anything that addresses the subject from a natural history or
ecological angle. Again, any help would be appreciated....
   					Edward Zip Kellogg
   					Reference Librarian
   					U. of Southern Maine

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