Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 124. Saturday, 4 May 1991.
Date:		Saturday, May 4, 1991   09:50:00 am
From:		Ken Steele <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject:	Special Discounts on the New New Variorum Shakespeare!
	[I hope I don't have to tell you that I am in no way affiliated
with the Variorum or the MLA, and I am passing this information on as
valuable news, not as an advertisement.  If any SHAKSPEReans out there
have opinions of the scholarly value of these volumes, please DO let
us know...]
	While in Vancouver, one of the more interesting brochures I
discovered was an announcement of the availability of the three latest
volumes of the MLA's definitive "New New Variorum" Shakespeare at *less
than half price*:
	*Antony & Cleopatra*, edited by Marvin Spevack
	(1990), replaces the Variorum edition of 1907.
	Although the usual hardcover price is $100, it can
	be ordered from the MLA for only $50, until
	June 1, 1991.  (xxxvi & 885 pp.)
	*As You Like It*, edited by Richard Knowles,
	replaces the New Variorum edition of 1890, and was
	released in 1977.  Although regularly $75, it can
	be ordered before June 1, 1991 for only $37.50.
	(xxviii & 737 pp.)
	*Measure for Measure*, edited by Mark Eccles, was
	released in 1980 for $85.  Before June 1, 1991, you
	can order it for only $42.50.  (xxvii & 555 pp.)
Best of all is the offer of the complete "New Variorum Edition Set,"
all three volumes (list price $260), for only $100 -- again, if you
order by June 1, 1991.
	From the Brochure: "The New Variorum Shakespeare was initiated
by H.H. Furness with the publication of *Romeo and Juliet* in 1871,
and by 1928 nineteen of the works had been issued by Furness and his
son, who succeeded him as editor.  In 1933 the series became an official
project of the Modern Language Association, under whose auspices eight
titles have appeared."  (The two current general editors are Richard Knowles
of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Robert K. Turner of the
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.)
	Most SHAKSPEReans are probably already familiar with this series,
which attempts to be exhaustive in annotations and editorial apparatus.
The *AC* text also includes several introductory essays (in an appendix),
seven major source texts, a bibliography, and index.  (I don't have information
regarding the contents of the *MM* and *AYLI* texts, but presumably
they are similar.)  Although most university libraries will already
have these texts, those that don't might appreciate being informed of
this special offer.
	The electronic order form below mimics that in the brochure,
but the MLA will accept telephone or fax orders also (Phone (212) 614-6383;
Fax (212) 477-9863).  Mail this form, or a letter with the necessary
information, to:
		Modern Language Association
		Member & Customer Services
		10 Astor Place
		New York, NY 10003-6981
I assume all prices are in US dollars.  Please do NOT send responses to ME
or anyone else on electronic mail -- credit card information in particular
is much too sensitive for such a public method of transmission!
						Ken Steele
						University of Toronto
	-----------------------Order Form------------------------
						Quantity	Cost
New Variorum Edition Set
	3 vols. listed below
	$100 until June 1 [Z3799]		_______		_______
Antony & Cleopatra
	Cloth, $100 (Members $80)
		[Z371C]				_______		_______
	Special: $50 until June 1
		[Z371D]				_______		_______
As You Like It
	Cloth, $75 (members $60)
		[Z3600]				_______		_______
	Special: $37.50 until June 1
		[Z3601]				_______		_______
Measure for Measure
	Cloth, $85 (members $68)
		[Z3700]				_______		_______
	Special: $42.50 until June 1
		[Z3701]				_______		_______
Shipping and Handling:
	$1.50 for first book, plus
	$0.50 for each additional book				_______
						TOTAL:		_______
	[ ] VISA		[ ] MasterCard		[ ] Cheque Enclosed
	Account No. ___________________________________________
	Exp. Date ___________ 	Signature:_______________________
Address: (include ZIP)
Telephone: (For order clarification only)

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