Shakespeare Electronic Conference, Vol. 2, No. 125. Sunday, 5 May 1991.
Date: 		Sat, 4 May 1991 10:55:26 -0400
From: 		Roy Flannagan <FLANNAGA@OUACCVMB>
Subject: 	Variorum good deal
I did order all three of the variorum volumes (and no, I have no
connection with MLA) and will attest to the fact that they are
invaluable as references for day to day teaching of Shakespeare.  In
teaching AYLI last week, for instance, the Variorum helped settle the
problem of why the character is *Sir* Oliver Martext (like the Italian
"Ser"; a translation of "Dominus" indicating that Oliver had taken only
the first degree of Bachelor of Arts and hence might well be rather
ignorant).  This particular volume reflects scholarship through 1975 and
is admirably and clearly organized; it is very easy to use and seems
terse but thorough, with very high standards of accuracy in reproducing
both texts and annotation.
						Roy Flannagan

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